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Brynne Ramella

Brynne is the Buyer Inquiry Team Lead at G2 Crowd. In addition to writing, she leads the research specialists in providing personalized software and services recommendations to buyers. She wishes she had interesting hobbies to include in this bio.


What is BIM? Building Information Modeling Definitions, Terms, and Tools

Buildings aren’t 2D, so why would you design them in 2D?


What Are Retained Earnings? (+Formula to Calculate Earnings)

Running a business is all about numbers.


What Is Sales Forecasting? (+5 Steps to Predict Your Sales)

A thriving sales team doesn’t happen by luck; it’s meticulously thought out.


What Are Vector Graphics (+7 Best Free Vector Graphic Software in 2019)

We’ve all seen the trope on a crime TV show — a detective reviews a grainy image of a suspect...


8 Best Free Graphic Design Software in 2019

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7 Best Free 3D Modeling Software Tools in 2019

Sometimes you need more than just words to tell a story. Colors, depth and movement can...


The Best Snipping Tools in 2019 (+6 Useful Benefits)

Screenshots have many uses in the workplace. 


9 Best Free Animation Software for 2019

Animation has come a long way since the days of "Steamboat Willie," developing into a precise...


What is a Headless CMS? Definition, Benefits, and Tools

Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn, Ned Stark — ask any of them, and they would be against chopping...

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