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32 Mind-Blowing Amazon Statistics for 2019

June 25, 2019

Amazon is taking over the world.

Well, at least it feels like that. If you don’t believe me, these Amazon statistics might convince you.

Make the most of this top e-commerce platform and discover the must-know Amazon statistics to start selling on the top online marketplace. From starting in 1994 inside a garage to becoming the second company ever to hit the $1 trillion mark, Amazon is a trailblazer in more ways than one.

Whether you’re getting prepared to sell on Amazon, or just need some motivation to build your e-commerce website, these stats will get you started.

Amazon statistics sellers need to know

There’s a lot to know about Amazon because they do more than just selling products.

Amazon has online stores, physical stores, third-party seller services, subscription services, and AWS (Amazon web services) that make up the majority of their business model.

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In this article, you’ll find Amazon statistics on…

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Amazon seller statistics

  • Over 1 million new sellers joined Amazon last year. That’s about 3,000 people every day. (FeedbackExpress)
  • 55% of consumer begin their online shopping searches on Amazon. (CNBC)
  • Amazon surpassed Google in product searches. (jumpshot)
  • Amazon sells more than 353 million products. (nChannel)
  • Amazon sells more than 1.1 million home improvement products. (jumpshot)
  • Amazon generated $22.9 billion in third-party service revenues. (nChannel)
  • Amazon has 89.9% of market share for electronics. (jumpshot)
  • Amazon is releasing the Amazon Marketplace Appstore in 2019 to help sellers optimize and automize their store.  (Printful) 


amazon seller statistic

  • 80% of all sellers also sell on other platforms outside of Amazon. (Vox)
  • 66% of the top 10,000 sellers use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). (FeedbackExpress)
  • FBA gives sellers a 30-50% increase in sales. (Quora)
  • FBA shipped billions of items worldwide. (FeedbackExpress)
  • 9 out of 10 consumers check the price of a product on Amazon as part of product research. (CNBC)
  • More than 140,000 third-party sellers made more than $100,000 in yearly sales. (FeedbackExpress)
  • Only 4% of seller feedback is negative. (FeedbackExpress)

amazon sells statistic

15. Amazon sells $4,722 each second. $283,000 each minute. And more than $17 million each hour. (RepricerExpress)

General Amazon statistics

  • Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market hit 49% in 2018, or 5% of all retail spend. (TechCrunch)
  • In America, Amazon earns 49 cents for every e-commerce dollar spent. (techjury)
  • Amazon has 310 million active customers. (nChannel)
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans have bought something from Amazon. (techjury)
  • Millennials are Amazon’s largest audience. (RepricerExpress)
  • Amazon has 563,000 employees. (techjury)
  • 100,000 robots are used in Amazon’s warehouses around the world. (techjury)
  • Amazon generated $178 billion in sales in 2018. (Mediakix)

amazon country comparison stat

  • If Amazon were a country, its net sales would make it the 146th richest country in the world. (nChannel)
  • Amazon AWS is the fasted growing Amazon business unit, contributing 58.7% of Amazon overall operating income in 2018. (FourWeekMBA)

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  • Online shoppers spend more time on Amazon than on the top 9 online retailers combined. (techjury)
  • Amazon holds the patent on the 1-click buying. (nChannel)

Amazon Prime Statistics

  • 95 million Americans have an Amazon Prime account. That’s almost every 1 in 3 people. (Statista)
  • Prime members spend $1,300 per year, nearly double the $700 that non-members spend. (nChannel)
  • Prime Day is the most popular shopping day, more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (RepricerExpress)
  • Customers bought over 100 million products on Prime Day 2018. (Mediakix)
  • 53 million Americans purchased something from Amazon’s Prime Day. (nChannel)

Did your jaw drop reading these Amazon statistics?

Mine sure did. If you’re considering getting into the Amazon selling business, these statistics show you that the demand is there, but there’s also some intense competition. Learning from industry-disruptors like Amazon can help e-commerce businesses become more successful.

So you want to become a seller? Learn what to sell on Amazon before you get started.

32 Mind-Blowing Amazon Statistics for 2019 Explore these Amazon statistics to motivate your business endeavors or help you start a career selling on Amazon.
Deirdre O'Donoghue Deirdre O’Donoghue is a Content Manager at Nature's Fynd and a former Content Manager at G2. In her free time, you can find Deirdre fostering puppies or exploring the Chicago foodie scene. (she/her/hers)

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