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Your About Us Page Should Standout: Tips for a Compelling One

May 9, 2024

About Us Page

An About Us page is like a first-round interview, with your customers asking questions to determine whether you’re a good fit. 

“Who are you?” 
“What can you do for me?” 
“Why should I care about your brand?” 

It’s your chance to make a rockstar first impression and keep customers returning for more. 

Creating an effective and appealing About Us page can feel intimidating. That’s why many businesses and individuals turn to content creation software for assistance in producing written work, graphic design, or videos. Content creation platforms provide the necessary tools to develop and publish content easily. 

Why is an About Us page important? 

When visitors or potential customers want to learn more about you or your business, they look for your About Us page. Those initial assessments, along with the aspects explained here, demonstrate its value. 

Driving human connections

When you use storytelling to share your history and on your About Us page, you give readers opportunities to see and connect with your brand personally. Transparency, authentic anecdotes, and openness around challenges foster relatability. Visitors may see parts of themselves in the brand story, which deepens connections through empathy. When your brand resonates with clients, they can’t help but support you. 

Building trust and credibility with your audience 

The desire consumers have to trust brands isn’t a new demand, but it has risen significantly. The 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer report revealed that 71% of people say it’s become more important to trust brands than it was in the past. 

When you set up your About Us page, be honest and open. Visitors want to know more about your company, brand, and, most importantly, the people behind it. 

Introducing your brand identity 

Remember, the About Us page functions as the first impression you make, which makes it a great place to introduce your brand identity and lay the foundation for brand recognition. This encompasses your logo, brand colors, typography, tone, voice, and overall messaging. Using memorable imagery to set yourself apart from the competition will yield positive results. 

How to craft an About Us page that stands out 

Businesses have used all kinds of approaches for writing a killer About Us page, but some strategies and techniques can transform it from bland to spicy in no time. Read our five tips for crafting an About Us page to figure out what you’re drawn to the most. 

1. Bring readers along the journey through your brand story

Every brand has a story to tell. Whether you share the events that sparked the idea for your business, the challenges you overcame, the reasons you get up and do what you do every day, own your experience and share it with pride.

When you start writing your brand story, consider these questions:

  • What is the history of the brand?
  • How did I get to where I am today?
  • Who started the business? Who are my teammates?
  • What’s my mission?
  • What do I value?
  • Whom do I help?
  • What differentiates me from my competition? 

You don’t have to share all these questions in your story, but answering them for yourself will help you create a page that gives readers insight into who you are and what you can do for them. 

Tip: Position your brand story in a way that feels conversational and relevant. It’s your story, but strictly talking about you – instead of how you can help potential customers – reads as egocentric. 

2. Include your mission statement 

Put your website's mission statement front and center to help visitors understand what you do and what you value. Your potential customers need to understand how you serve them and how your values might align with theirs. 

Tip: Use active voice and write in the first person when you write your mission statement. 

3. Humanize your brand with photos of you and your team 

Showcasing your team humanizes your brand and builds personal connections. Whether you include your C-suite leaders, a team photo, or a nice headshot of yourself if you’re the only team member—a visual gives readers faces to connect to the brand's name. 

Tip: Use high-resolution, professional photos. You can also consider adding a video highlight reel of your team. 

4. Show social proof

Social proof can bring your brand to life and increase devotion with potential buyers. Social proof includes influencer endorsements, case studies, user-generated content, customer testimonials, and reviews. Choose the type of social proof most appropriate for your brand, product, and services, and showcase it on your About Us page. 

Tip: Share your G2 ratings and any G2 awards on your About Us page.

5. Add a call to action (CTA)

What do you want a reader to do after reading your About Us page? Work with you? Apply to join your organization. Whatever you want them to do, make it simple. Include a call to action (or various CTAs) that clarifies their next steps. 

Tip: Compelling CTAs use action words like “subscribe” and “learn more.” Make them action-oriented. Keep ‘em short!

3 mistakes to avoid when creating your About Us page 

An intriguing About Us page bolsters your credibility with your audience and gives them more insight into who you are. However, these three mistakes can potentially hinder your audience’s dedication.

1. Diving into specifics about your products and services 

Remember, your About Us page provides a place for you to shine by sharing highlights about you and your brand. Some content fits better on other pages of your website, including the details of your offerings. While it’s important to uplift your mission and what you do, your About Us page isn’t your sales pitch. 

2. Using too much jargon and not enough personality 

Make your About Us page understandable, compelling, and crystal clear. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come out. Too much jargon that sounds fancy doesn’t always do the best job of explaining your value to customers. Instead, write like you speak or hire a copywriter to help translate your messaging in a way that resonates with readers.

3. Rambling 

There’s a delicate balance between sharing who you are and oversharing details that are distracting, irrelevant, and confusing. Avoid long-winded stories, especially in your copy. If you want to showcase your journey, consider using a graphic or embedding a video that readers can watch. 

6 examples for About Us page inspiration 

Do you need help figuring out where to begin drafting an About Us page you love? Check out these six examples to get your gears turning. 

1. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi’s About Us page is fantastic. They highlight their mission first, then get into its Gear for Good® promise to emphasize its values. Scroll down further and you can learn more about founder and CEO Davis Smith in a brief paragraph or listen to an interview with him on NPR.


Source: Cotopaxi

Finally, our personal favorite explains the brand name (Cotopaxi) and logo (llamas) for a personal touch.


Source: Cotopaxi

2. Stanley 

The About Stanley page is organized well and includes a brief history of the brand and their commitment to sustainable practices. Gorgeous and straightforward, it immediately gives insight about how purchasing from Stanley contributes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 


Source: Stanley

3. Generous Coffee Co. 

The Our Story page on Generous Coffee Co.’s website shows another prime example of a well-organized, relatable story that emphasizes its values. The company quickly jumps into information about how they, a for-profit coffee company, give its proceeds to social justice organizations. The page also touches on the community behind the brand – with photos – and tells a brief history of how Generous began. 

In addition to the Our Story page, three more pages under the About dropdown include Our Impact, Our Coffee, and Our Team so viewers can explore these areas further.  

Generous Coffee Co. 

Source: Generous Coffee Co.


CALPAK uses its About Us page to instill in its customers the desire to travel with a CALPAK bag in hand. A brief embedded video shows products in action.

Then, CALPAK shares its mission, which emphasizes travel, design, and evolution. Visitors can walk through the brand’s journey from its inception in 1989 through 2023, read feature highlights from well-known publications, and explore products based on one of three personas: 

  • The Everyday Wanderluster
  • The Weekend Explorer
  • The Long Distance Planner

Finally, the final sign off offers an option to join the mailing list to receive 10% off. 


Source: CALPAK

5. Anna Dearmon Kornick

Time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick has built a stylish, enjoyable About page. 

Right off the bat, Anna discusses her role as a consultant for professionals and entrepreneurs and talks about her mission. We see a handful of logos from major publications that Anna has been featured in, her five core values listed cleanly, her brand’s timeline, her passions, and more about how she can help her target audience. 

She has a few CTAs, including watching featured episodes from her podcast, clicking a “Work with Anna” button, downloading materials about time management, and visiting a link that leads to her podcast. There are tons of photos of Anna and other supporting brand visuals throughout the page that paint her picture exceptionally well. 

Anna Dearmon Kornick

Source: Anna Kornick

6. Beam Content 

Beam Content’s About page takes the cake regarding visual appeal and creativity. Their brand personality shines – pun intended – through each section, starting with summarizing two goals for the business, followed by a map of locations. 

Below the map, you see a “Meet the team” section highlighting each member, their social media links, a brief introduction, and a current photo. But wait – there’s also something we’ve never seen before that sets this page apart. If you hover over one of their photos, you find a baby picture behind the current one! 

Below the team, Beam states its mission, values (and definition of its value words for clarity), and, finally, a “Work With Us” button to seal the deal. 

Beam Content 

Source: Beam

So, tell me a little about yourself 

Don’t underestimate the impact and importance of your About Us page. This is your time to be creative, express your brand personality, and share your story. 

After you’ve nailed your About Us page, add landing pages to your website to help you convert. 

Content Creation Software
We want to get to know you

Find the right content creation software to produce and share content for specific audiences.

Content Creation Software
We want to get to know you

Find the right content creation software to produce and share content for specific audiences.

Your About Us Page Should Standout: Tips for a Compelling One An About Us page builds trust with website visitors. Here’s how to craft a compelling one, along with examples for inspiration and mistakes to avoid.
Alyssa Towns Alyssa Towns works in communications and change management and is a freelance writer for G2. She mainly writes SaaS, productivity, and career-adjacent content. In her spare time, Alyssa is either enjoying a new restaurant with her husband, playing with her Bengal cats Yeti and Yowie, adventuring outdoors, or reading a book from her TBR list.

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