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Google Translate’s Instant Camera Now Detects and Translates More Languages

In April 2006, Google launched Google Translate, an app that started out as an online-only machine...


iOS 13: New Features You Don’t Want to Miss

The rumors are true – iPads will no longer run on iOS.


How to Delete Facebook Messages (Yes, You Can Delete Both Sides on Facebook Messenger!)

We all know that feeling: You hit the “send” button only to have that deep regret sink into the pit...


ASOS's SEO Mistakes Sunk Profits By 87%: What Happened?

ASOS is one of the leading brands in the trendy-affordable retail niche.


Helvetica Font Gets a Refresh After 35 Years

Jeep. American Airlines. Toyota. Motorola.


Facebook Using AI to Stop Notifications about Dead Friends

Social media is an integral part of most people’s lives. And as we all know, anything posted on...


What We Can Learn from McDonald’s AI Integration (+Who Does it Benefit?)

When you think of McDonald’s, your first thought probably isn’t how they’re a thought leader in the...


How Does the Apple Credit Card Work Exactly?

At Apple’s “Show Time” event, the tech giant introduced a variety of new services coming soon,...


What Public Relations Professionals Can Learn From the Boeing 737 MAX 8 Plane Crashes

President Donald Trump announced an emergency ban today, March 13, on all Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts.

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