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6 Ways to Make a Powerful Ad Design (+ Examples)

You see 5,000 advertisements a day.


Business Card Design: Essential Elements + Examples

Our society seems to think that handing out little pieces of paper with our names on them are a...


Becoming a Graphic Designer: Skills, Job Titles + Career Tips

Standing out from the crowd is a great feeling.


The Guide to a Foolproof Graphic Design Contract

When I was growing up, pinky promises were highly respected.


Kickstarting Your Career as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelancers are like the hunter gatherers of graphic design.


Creating the Perfect Graphic Design Resume (+ Examples)

There’s no doubt about it: graphic designer’s resumes can look awesome.


The Ultimate Outline of a Graphic Design Cover Letter

Some may think that a cover letter isn't necessary for graphic design.


11 Examples of Innovative Mobile UX Design in 2020

Smartphones are getting bigger and better.


Best Concept Art Tools for Indie Game Designers

The process of creating a video game can take years, and a huge amount of work needs to be done...

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