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G2's contributor network connects a global audience of software buyers and decision-makers through a community of trusted industry experts. This series features in-depth educational articles from our guest authors that provide an insider’s perspective on the latest tech innovations.

Contributor Network

AutoAI: Democratizing Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI)is significantly transforming every industry today. However, many...

Contributor Network

Embracing AI-powered IT for Hybrid Work Transformation

Think back to March 2020, when remote work was brand new and conversational generative AI was...

Contributor Network

Elevating Small Business Tech Stacks with Digital Work Order Software

You know what they say is the best part of entrepreneurship? You get to choose the 80 hours per...

Contributor Network

Overcoming Common Challenges in OKR Planning

Imagine crossing off every planned action item on your to-do list, only to realize you're still...

Contributor Network

How Integrated Payments Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience

The quest to understand customer behaviors spans decades.

Contributor Network

A Beginner's Guide to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Imagine a world without communication: business would grind to a halt, governments would be...

Contributor Network

What Is Technical Recruiting? Techniques and Trends 2024

You’ve probably heard time and again that hiring employees in tech is tough. But how tough exactly...

Contributor Network

What Is Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)? Types and Benefits

Recurring revenue is the center of the subscription business universe - not just for your personal...

Contributor Network

Appointment Booking Websites: Why Your Business Needs it in 2024

What if you could create a booking website that saves time, reduces manual work, enhances customer...

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