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How Social Listening Tools Help Monitor Your Brand Better

May 25, 2023

social listening tools

In a crowded online market, it's hard to stand out as a business. But with social listening tools, cutting through the noise has never been easier.

Social listening or social media monitoring tools enable you to actively monitor the social buzz surrounding your brand or industry so you can identify customer needs, make data-driven decisions, and create better customer experiences. These tools give you the insights you need to refine your business strategy, improve your performance, and drive customer success.

Benefits of using social listening tools

Social listening tools help monitor social platforms and offer a number of benefits for improving a brand’s online presence. 

Improve customer service

As social media spread its wings like a hawk, the internet quickly became its little nest, giving it a comprehensive view of the world online. People share their opinions more openly on social networks. They even turn to social media to seek solutions and write recommendations. 

Additionally, it's much easier for customers to connect with brands through social platforms than automated call centers, where they have to wait for hours to ask a simple question.

Although it speeds up response time, social media is often noisy and overloaded with information. Without proper social media monitoring, losing track of conversations and going downhill is easy.

This is where social listening tools come to the rescue. They consolidate information from different platforms, clearing the clutter and uncovering key customer insights relevant to better serving your customers.

Social listening tools collect data on customer questions, complaints, and experiences while they’re posted in real time. With the right information at the right time, you can better answer questions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. You can also identify inefficiencies in your processes and enhance your customer service.

Find new leads

Apart from aiding quality customer service, social listening tools help businesses generate new leads and increase sales.

To find leads, you can monitor different types of keywords related to your product, specific features, industry-related terms, brand or company name, and competitors. Tracking keywords helps you identify and engage with potential leads.

With more customers leaning toward online recommendations, they often seek advice and reviews before making a purchase. For example, according to Ahrefs, the keyword "Where can I buy?" has a monthly volume of 9.4k. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to join conversations around trending keywords and get them in front of the right prospects.

Track and measure your marketing campaigns

Social features like hashtags are known to increase reach and user engagement. Social listening tools can effectively monitor and analyze online conversations surrounding specific hashtags. These tools are designed to scour social media platforms, forums, blogs, and other online channels to identify and collect mentions of particular hashtags.

By tracking these mentions, you gain valuable insights into the reach, engagement, sentiment, and other relevant metrics associated with your marketing campaigns.

Improve customer engagement

Social listening tools are great for monitoring social interactions. Knowing what your customers are talking about, you can interact with them and respond better, as well as address their issues and provide quality services.

This fosters customer loyalty, expands your online presence, and engages your target audience. You'll effortlessly grab your audience's attention when your replies are quick, smart, and align with their needs.

Support influencer marketing

Social listening tools are a great asset for influencer marketing. You can use these tools to find relevant influencers and track their reach and engagement to see if they fit your brand well. 

Monitoring the content and conversations associated with influencers lets you assess whether their values, aesthetics, and tone align with your brand identity. This adds credibility and authenticity to your influencer marketing campaigns, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

When searching for influencers, social listening tools analyze the reach and engagement of potential influencers. By tracking the mentions, interactions, and conversations surrounding influencers, you gain insights into the size of their audience and the level of engagement.

This helps determine the influencer's effectiveness in reaching and resonating with their target audience. Influencers with a wide reach and high engagement rates can help maximize your influencer marketing efforts.

Prepare content tailored to the audience's needs

Bloggers and writers struggle to find inspiration and create content that strikes a chord with their audience. Social listening tools can be valuable as they provide insight into online trends and hot topics. 

For example, a blog that offers business development solutions can monitor popular keywords and hashtags like “growth hacking,” “grow your business,” and “business growth” to see what content types the audience engages with. Including key phrases as hashtags in marketing campaigns and creating engaging content drives visibility and reach.

Stay ahead of the competition

Social listening tools not only monitor your brand but also track your competitors and get insights into their strategies and positioning. They keep a close eye on the activity and conversations surrounding competing brands. This gives you an overview of their target audience, content strategies, and overall market positioning.

With social listening tools, you can uncover emerging trends and industry changes to identify new market opportunities and stay a step ahead. Whether it's uncovering customer issues that competitors are addressing, discovering popular content topics, or identifying untapped market gaps, social listening tools provide businesses with actionable insights to inform their own strategies, refine, and differentiate themselves.

Measure organic search 

Organic reach is a tangible metric showing how your content performs online. Social listening tools offer an effective way to measure online reach. They determine how much traffic you generate by considering factors such as the size of the profiles that mention your brand, the reach of their content, and the number of interactions.

They can also effectively calculate the estimated value of these mentions. The estimated reach corresponds to the exposure you receive through your online marketing activities.

Social listening tools also signal the popularity of a particular business or topic and determine its advertising value so you can budget for the right ad spend.

Common features of social listening tools 

Social listening tools come with several standard features valuable for businesses looking to improve their strategies. 

  • Unified monitoring: Monitor multiple social media channels in one place and get a comprehensive view of your online presence.
  • Comprehensive tracking: Track mentions of your brand name, specific keywords, or phrases related to your industry.
  • Sentiment analysis: Analyze customer sentiments to identify trends and patterns in customer feedback, such as positive or negative sentiments, emotions, and opinions. Sentiment analysis enables you to respond promptly to customer concerns, improve customer service, and maintain a positive brand reputation. You can also identify topics that resonate with your customers and develop content more likely to engage and inspire them.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards: Get real-time analytics and insights into your online brand. These reports help track engagement, reach, and sentiment metrics and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Automated alerts: Get alerts on relevant mentions, hashtags, or keywords. Stay current with new trends, topics, and conversations to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities.

How to choose the right social listening tool

Choosing the right social listening tool is key to getting the right insights and improving your brand.

First, identify your business goals and the features to help you achieve them. Look for a tool that lets you monitor the social media channels that matter most to you and that offers real-time analytics and automated alerts so you stay on top of relevant conversations.

Consider the tool's sentiment analysis and competitor analysis capabilities. Think about the level of customization and reporting you need. Then, pick a tool that gives you the insights and data you need to make informed decisions.

When selecting a social listening tool, consider the following factors: 

  • Number of monitored sources
  • Features like advanced data filters, notifications, a summary tab, discussion context, and an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Price in relation to the number of keywords that can be monitored
  • Reviews on relevant software review websites
  • Customer service ease

How to use data from social listening tools

Social listening tools can provide a wealth of data to help you make better strategies. But how do you use this data?

Understand your data

Understand the data you’re working with. Analyze trends, patterns, and sentiment to determine what customers are talking about, their likes and dislikes, habits, and behaviors, and tailor your products to best meet their needs.

Use data to inform your business strategy

Build your business strategy based on this data. Identify areas to improve customer experience. Use the insights gained to develop new marketing campaigns, content strategies, and product offerings tailored to customer needs.

Monitor your competitors

Analyze your competitors’ social media activity and identify areas where you can differentiate your brand. Use the data to identify gaps, emerging trends, or new customer needs that your competitors may have missed.

Track the success of your campaigns

Social listening tools are great at tracking your marketing campaigns’ success. Monitor metrics like engagement, reach, sentiment, and conversion rates to see which campaigns are performing well and which need improvement. Use this information to optimize your campaigns and ensure your marketing efforts align with your business goals.

Continuously refine your strategy

Finally, leverage the data from social listening tools to continually refine your business strategy. Regularly monitor customer feedback and sentiment to spot changes in customer preferences or new trends. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business constantly evolves to meet customer needs.

Future of social listening

Social media has become integral to our lives, and companies are gradually realizing its potential as a marketing tool. Social listening tools are imperative for businesses to analyze customer feedback and gain valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors. Looking at the future, social listening tools will continue to play an important role in business strategy.

AI and ML algorithms will follow as companies integrate social listening into their marketing strategy. Intelligent platforms will provide better real-time insights, integrate with other business processes, and put a greater focus on brand reputation management.

Listen better, sell better. Learn more about social selling and how it helps you earn customers through social media.

social media monitoring software
Monitor, analyze, and optimize

Track and collect relevant content related to your brand on social media and improve your marketing strategy with social media monitoring software.

social media monitoring software
Monitor, analyze, and optimize

Track and collect relevant content related to your brand on social media and improve your marketing strategy with social media monitoring software.

How Social Listening Tools Help Monitor Your Brand Better See how businesses can better inform their business strategy using social listening tools. Read about their benefits, common features, and steps to set up.
Alicja Mękarska Alicja is a Partnership Manager at Brand24. She's fascinated by the world of online marketing and branding. Outside work, she's an avid traveler passionate about discovering new places and cultures. She's also a plant lover and cooking aficionado, constantly trying out new vegan recipes.

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