Snapchat Friends: Everything You Need to Know in 2019

Jordan Wahl
Jordan Wahl  |  December 11, 2018

While some apps are overly complicated, Snapchat is not.

In fact, learning how to use Snapchat is pretty simple – all you really need is a device with the Snapchat app, and friends to Snap!

If you’re finding yourself here, I’m sure you already have Snapchat downloaded on your device. Now all you need is a few friends!

And I’m here to cover everything you need to know about Snapchat friends.

About Snapchat friends

In this article I’ll cover everything you need to know about Snapchat friends:

How to find and add friends on Snapchat

There are a few ways to discover and add friends on Snapchat: on Quick Add, from your contact list, with Snapcode, or by username. I’ll cover them all step-by-step below. 

For each of the methods below, you’ll start by navigating to your profile screen (the screen with your Bitmoji icon, if you have one), and tapping ‘Add Friends.’

add friends on snapchat


Add friends on Quick Add

The Quick Add section is a list of Snapchat’s recommendations based on your existing friend list, who you subscribe to, and more.

To find Quick Add, start on you profile screen and tap ‘Add Friends.’

Next, click ‘Add Friends’ once more on the top of the screen. Here you’ll see a list of contacts who have added you already – you can accept these friends request here.

Below those, you’ll see Quick Add. Just tap ‘+ Add’ next to those you want to become Snapchat friends with!

how to add friends with quick add


Add friends from contacts

Snapchat connects with your contact list. So if you have someone’s number saved in your phone and they have Snapchat, chances are you can find them and add them pretty easily!

Start by navigating to your home screen and tapping ‘Add Friends.’

From there, just tap on ‘Contacts’ on the top of the page and a list of Snapchatters will pop up with the option to add – click ‘+ Add’ to add friends from your contact list!

how to add friends from contacts


Add friends with Snapcode

Snapchat’s Snapcode is an image that is unique to each Snapchatter. The yellow image has a special code that can be scanned with your camera to quickly add other Snapchatters!

There are two easy ways to add friends with Snapcode.

For the first, you’ll have to have a screenshot of the other Snapchatter’s Snapcode.

To add using a screenshot, navigate to your profile screen and tap ‘Add Friends.’

Next, tap ‘Snapcode’ and then tap the photo with the Snapcode to add this friend on Snapchat! 

how to add friends with snapcode


For the second method, you’ll need to be with the new friend in person.

Open Snapchat as if you’re going to take a photo – make sure your camera is facing outward (towards the Snapcode).

Press and hold your finger on the screen over the Snapcode. DO NOT take a picture here – just let the camera focus.

Once the camera has focused on the unique code (see below), you should get a notification that you’ve added that friend!

snapchat snapcode


Add friends by username

Every Snapchatter has a unique username. If you happen to know the username of the friend you’d trying to add, this is a quick and easy way!

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Start on your profile screen and tap ‘Add Friends.’

Next in the top search bar, start typing the username of the friend. Once they pop up, tap ‘+ Add’ to add them to your friend list! 

adding snapchat friends by username


Managing your Snapchat friends list

Once you’ve added Snapchat friends, it’s important to know how to manage your friends list. These Snapchat friends will show up in your Snapchat Map as well.

For starters, let’s discuss how to view your friends list on Snapchat.

Start on your friends screen (swipe right from the camera screen) and tap the chat bubble in the top right corner.

This will bring you to your full friends list in alphabetical order! 

snapchat friends list

There may be a case in which you want to block, delete, or unblock the friends on this list – nothing wrong with that! Things change.

Doing all three of these things is a quick and easy process. Check out our articles on how to block (and delete) someone on Snapchat and how to unblock someone on Snapchat to learn more!

Snapchat best friends

Wondering how to tell which friends are your best friends? There are a few ways!

Start on your friends screen (swipe right from the camera screen) and tap the chat bubble in the top right corner.

snapchat friends screen


Right at the top you’ll see a list of your best friends on Snapchat! These are the friends you Snap the most.

You’ll also see a little smiley face next to their name if they’re one of your Snapchat best friends!

snapchat best friends


 Seeing other Snapchat emojis next to your friends’ names and not sure what they mean? Check out our article on all of the Snapchat emoji meanings to find out!

Time to make Snapchat friends!

Now it’s your turn! We’ve covered everything you need to know about Snapchat friends in this article – including how to find, add, and manage your friends on Snapchat.

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