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4 Tips for Creating Unbeatable Personalized Email Campaigns

September 26, 2019

When you write like you talk, you sound more human.

It sounds so simple, but is hard to do. However, doing so makes your copy seems trustable; there is this instant connection that your audience feels when they read your email copy, blog, or any marketing material.  

Adding personalized data to your excellent copy helps marketers reach each of their prospects individually as though they’re someone they know, like a trusted friend. 

Personalization is like a fuel to a marketer's copy. 

Creating personalized email campaigns 

Thankfully, with a good personalization video platform, you can bring your personalization email campaign efforts to come true.

Why is personalizing email campaigns important? Because personalized email campaigns drive 18 times more revenue than an email without personalization. This article will provide you unbeatable tips on how you can use personalization in your next video email campaign. 

1. Personalize your email copy beyond first names 

The other day, I was walking in the streets when one of my old friends walked up to me and initiated a conversation by saying my name, rather than, “Hey, you!”

That instantly sparkled interest in continuing the conversation. If it can happen during face-to-face conversation, why not with email conversation?

Using ‘First Names’ in the email subject line or body of the email sets a more friendly tone and brings a world of difference. According to Experian, giving your prospects a personalized shout out in the subject lines can increase email open rates by 26 percent.

You don’t have to stop there. Try including the first name of your prospect in the copy of the email. This is another winning strategy that reminds customers you’re concerned about their individual experience with your brand. These days, customers have higher expectations of the brands they interact with and a lot of potential lies in the body of the email. 

Personalizing subject lines and copy of every email is a time-consuming task. You can use a personalized video hosting platform to send automated mass in-video personalized email campaigns. 

Using the prospect data you have, you can create dynamic email copy, including images, thumbnails, and company names that are most relevant to the individual prospects receiving your emails. 

personalize copy beyond first names1

2. Add personalized video in your personalized email campaigns 

If you truly want your brand to stand out in the video marketing space from the crest whose videos looks and sound like yours, personalization is the key. Personalized videos increase brand reach, engagement, and retention faster. 

Including a personalized video in your email copy can be useful in increasing click-through rates (CTRs).

In a world of constant media overload, 90 percent of the information that we consume online is in a visual format. Visuals are processed faster and remembered by the brain more reliable than texts. When both audio and visual senses are stimulated, there is a 68 percent increase in memory retention rates. This is why we humans love consuming information in a visual format. Videos are ruling over us. 

The key is to communicate one-to-one, which you can through personalized videos, establishing an emotional connection and relationship with your audience. Pull hyper-relevant data about your prospects and stitch that inside the personalized videos you create. 

Sit back and enjoy the remarkable video views and click-through rates of your personalized email campaigns. 

Personalized video

3. Personalize your brand offers based on intent 

There is no boundary when it comes to sending out personalized email campaigns. You can nail your personalized email campaign efforts by giving your prospects or customers personalized offers.

You can pull out your customer profile information and use them to create different content offers for different types of your audience. 

One useful email marketing tactic is to personalize based on your audience video watched rates. Let’s say you send out a personalized video to your prospects explaining different products or services you sell.

Now, you can analyze the video watch rate percentage and play rates to understand your prospect's intent.

Once you know this, sending out relevant offers becomes easy. You can personalize your email campaigns based on customer interest, behavior, and engagement. Understanding prospect intent takes time, and, when it’s done, you can trigger automated mass personalized emails with personal brand offers and deals. 

Using data to enhance the customer experience is not only a great way to engage customers, it’s a must to stay competitive.

personalized brand offers

4. Provide unified experiences by customizing landing pages 

When it comes to personalization, we think of emails. However, there is more your business can do.

Pairing personalized emails and landing pages is one option. Prospects are more likely to convert when you give them a unified experience throughout the sales lifecycle. Make sure your email copy and landing page have a consistent look and feel and the same personalized call-to-action (CTA) to push conversions further. 

Personalization that begins in an email should continue to flow to the next destination, like a landing page. Keep the attention focused by building personalized landing pages with tailored content based on the email that leads the subscriber there.

unified experiences by landing pages


In today's market, personalization is key to making your customers feel at home with your brand. To become a master at personalized marketing, remember to add personalized copy beyond first names, use personalized videos, personalize your offers, and personalize your landing pages.

Now that you know about personalization techniques and how you can use them in your email campaigns, it's time to get started.

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