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How the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Uses Feedback Software

December 4, 2019

Since India has become one of the fastest-developing economies in the world, its poverty is on the decline. 

While India has been capable of lifting a significant percentage of the population out of its poverty, it is not entirely a thing of the past. Poverty is still an issue in India, and that’s why the Ministry of Consumer Affairs – the program that distributes subsidized food to poor people – implements newer trends in order to maintain consumer protection. That’s exactly where the use of effective feedback software for the Ministry of Consumer Affairs comes into the forefront.

How the Ministry of Consumer Affairs uses feedback software

Not unlike other business industries, feedback software for the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is pivotal to use due to several reasons. Before shedding light on the importance of survey software, here’s an introduction to everything about the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

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What is the Ministry of Consumer Affairs?

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is India’s government ministry which is headed by the Cabinet Minister. The ministry has been divided into two departments: the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Department of Food and Public Distribution. 

Department of Food and Public Distribution

The Food and Public Distribution department ensures remunerative rates for farmers and supplies staple food grains at affordable prices through the Public Distribution System of India (PDS). Ever since the establishment of the Indian food security system during World War II, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has been dealing with the distribution of food and non-food items to the Indian poor at subsidized rates.

The Public Distribution System is the national food security system of India distributing subsidized food. The commodities include rice, wheat, kerosene, and sugar. The food surpluses from the increased crop yields eventually are managed by India’s Food Corporation under the 1964 Food Corporation Act.

Surpluses of food from increased crop yields (as a result of the Green Revolution and good monsoon seasons) are managed by the Food Corporation of India, established by the Food Corporation Act 1964. This system implements the national policy for supporting farm price rates apart from storage, procurement, operations, preservation, distribution, and inter-state movement. PDS has the largest distribution network operated by a state and union government in the world.

Department of Consumer Affairs

Ever since June 1997, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has been considered an entirely separate department. DCA is entrusted with implementing standard weights and measures. It also works in accordance with the 2016 act, i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards Act. Another thing that the department pays special attention to is consumer protection.

For any business big or small, consumer protection is an integral part. Additionally, as citizens of India, consumers always want to obtain accurate results while making a purchase. This also enables them to make unbiased choices while going for the purchase without being misled or mistreated. For DCA, it is pivotal to work on the implementation of the Consumer Protection (1986) Act.

DCA also regulates the availability and even prescribes measures for checking the system and how it is working towards the food security of those vulnerable people of India. The motto of DCA is to increase accountability, dignity, positive orientation, and visibility, and change the mindset of the people.

5 reasons the DCA uses feedback software – and why you should, too

When you wish to stay ahead of the competition, you should never turn away from the feedback software. This is because the software provides several methods of customer feedback under one roof. Knowing which touchpoint to use will be very crucial for your business, as it will serve its purpose as your backbone. Given below are several reasons to use customer feedback. 

online payment software feedbackSource

1. Improves services and products

When you take the step of introducing your new product or service in the market, feedback will allow you to know the customer requirements. Before you launch your product in the market, conducting good market research is considered necessary.

This is because it will allow you to receive a clear image of the potential customers who will make a purchase, and ways to improve the product. Once the customer opts for your services or product, it will allow you to receive full information on the flaws, benefits, and experience directly from the customer.

Customer feedback software will help in providing insights on what works well and what does not for your products and services. You might have the best expertise in the industry, through which you operate your business, but that might not be as important as customer insights. With the help of this software, you receive opinions on whether your products have met the expectations of the customers or not.

2. Measures customer satisfaction

Customer feedback holds a great deal of importance in determining the company’s financial performance and loyalty. It is linked to advantages like increased market share, higher revenue, and lower costs. Through numerous studies, it has come to light that there are close connections between business performance and customer satisfaction. It is quite normal to understand that you want your customers to be happy with the services and products you provide them. However, if you wish to meet your customers’ expectations, you need to check your opinions.

One of the best methodologies, which has aided numerous companies in the industry by measuring, improving, and managing customer satisfaction, is NPS. It is based on a simple question that helps to investigate how likely a customer is to recommend the product or service to a friend. A customer feedback app provides response options for the loyalty questions based on a rating scale of 0-10 points. In this rating scale, 0 represents extremely negative, and 10 represents highly positive. The method is universal yet simple, and all business owners can apply it in customer satisfaction management.

3. Values your customers' opinions 

Requesting or asking your clients and customers for feedback gives you a chance to communicate with them. In return, you receive an opinion from them that is very crucial for your business. It allows you to involve them in your business, keeping the business-customer relationship in good shape so that the customers stay attached to your company. When you listen to their voices, it will enable you to create a good relationship in the process. Also, it is one of the best ways through which to gain brand ambassadors, who will spread word-of-mouth positivity about your business.

When you ask individuals or customers if they are happy with your products or services, they will appreciate that act. It allows them to feel that their opinions are valued in your eyes, and you are sticking with them along the way no matter what the cause may be. It also enables your customers to hear a clear message that your main goal is to solve their issues and fulfill their requirements, not just get their money in the process. 

4. Creates an amazing customer experience 

In today’s market, the experience customers have with brands, products, and services is a crucial thing. Customers these days do not purchase products from Apple and Nike just because the company is universally popular, or because of how it makes them feel. They purchase such products to show affiliation and status to a specific group or community. People don’t buy clothes only because they will make them look good, but they aim to break the rules to extend their boundaries.

That is why, with the help of the feedback software for consumer affairs, you can provide an outstanding customer experience to every touchpoint client. This method will enable them to stay loyal to you and your brand, respectively. Naturally, if you wish to give them a good experience, you need to ask them about their opinions on your products and services, and how to improve them. 

5. Acts as a reliable source of information 

Many individuals do not put their trust in expert advice or commercials. These days, opinions and advice provided by customers who have used a specific service or product are a reliable source of information. When you have a certain product or service that you wish to purchase, you will immediately take the help of the trusted sources to receive accurate information regarding it.

Therefore, customer feedback software will provide feedback that is very important for both your business and customers. This method will allow you and your clients to have an easy gateway to reading reviews and opinions of past clients. 

Advantages to using customer feedback software

There are several advantages to using customer feedback software for consumer affairs: 

  • It is an all-in-one tool that helps in providing better customer experiences.
  • Feedback can be obtained through email surveys.
  • They offer you a platform where you can make business decisions.
  • It helps in improving customer retention.
  • It gives you a chance to know about the things that your customers don’t want.

The aforementioned benefits will be provided to you once you implement customer feedback software and use it fully.

Increase your business flow on a whole new level

To grow your business, meeting all the needs and wants of your customers is very important. Therefore, the information provided in this article will act as your source of understanding and educate you on the topic of using good enterprise feedback management software. 

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How the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Uses Feedback Software The Ministry of Consumer Affairs distributes resources to India's poor. Feedback software is an essential tool that can help you grow your business by leveraging customer feedback.
Vinod Janapala Vinod is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at piHappiness. piHappiness is a top customer feedback software designed to collect customer feedback on Web, iPad and Android tablets. Vinod is keen on such topics as Marketing, Customer Experience, SaaS Challenges, and Personal Growth.

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