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The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture Size for 2020 (+ Why It Matters)

December 4, 2018

Do you think there’s no perfect Instagram profile picture size?

Think again!

Your profile picture is the first thing people will see when they land on your Instagram account. It’s a representation of your business (for the Instagram marketing pros out there), your personal brand (for you Instagram influencers), and ultimately, the first impression of your profile as a whole.

Whether you’re heading up an Instagram business profile or trying to make a name for yourself as an influencer, uploading the proper profile picture for your goals is of the utmost importance.

In this article, we’ll cover the perfect Instagram profile picture size on desktop and mobile, plus get you started with some best practices and tips. 

Instagram profile picture size

Your Instagram profile picture may seem trivial, but that’s not necessarily true. There are a few simple measures you can take that will make sure you’re getting the most out of your first impression.

Before digging into best practices, let’s take a look at your Instagram profile picture size in a bit more detail.

When you view your profile on a mobile phone, your Instagram profile picture displays at 110 pixels wide by 110 pixels tall. However, in the feed, a profile picture will display at 40 pixels wide by 40 pixels tall. On desktop, it appears slightly bigger (but not by much), displaying at 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall.

TIP: The size of your image matters! Keep your Instagram aesthetic fresh by utilizing the perfect Instagram story dimensions. 

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However, regardless of whether you’re viewing it in the feed, on an account’s page, or on a desktop, an Instagram profile picture is a 1:1 ratio – this means it’s height and width are the same.

With a 1:1 ratio, your best bet is to upload a square image. Notably, though, your Instagram profile picture displays as a circle. When uploading a square photo, you’ll need to remember that the four corners will get cropped out.

For example, take a look at the following image of a proper Instagram profile picture. Both the square and the circle are the same height and width in pixels, but any part of the photo outside of the orange circle would be cropped out.

Instagram Profile Picture Size on mobile and desktop

For pictures of a human, animal, product, or similar, this may not come up as an issue, since the subject you’re trying to feature is likely centered in the photo anyway. Just remember to leave some empty space on either side of what or whomever you’re trying to feature, and you should be good to go.

However, if you’re managing a company Instagram account, this will be an issue if the company uses a square or rectangular logo. This is why individuals/agencies use a social media post scheduler to guide them with image dimensions. If you were to upload your square logo alone (not on a background of any sorts), it would be missing its four corners. In some cases, this may make it unrecognizable!

If your profile picture is the first thing somebody sees when they visit your company’s Instagram account, you’ll want to be sure that the picture they see is clearly the logo they know and love.

In this case, you’ll need to use an image of your logo on a background and make sure the logo itself is small enough that nothing gets cut out.

For example, take a look at how Microsoft placed their recognizable logo on a white background and made it just big enough that you can still see all four corners.

Instagram profile picture with a square logo

Similarly, The Home Depot used their normal logo on a branded orange background. This measure helps keep their various social media profiles consistent, regardless of the shape the profile picture displays in.

Instagram profile picture adjusted to fit the circle

Now that you know the ideal Instagram profile picture dimensions, let’s discuss some tips that will make sure your Instagram profile picture stands out from the rest.

Instagram profile picture tips

While an Instagram profile picture is just a small (literally) part of your broader social media strategy, there are still a few best practices we’d recommend. 

Keep size in mind

When it comes to your Instagram profile picture, there’s one glaring fact we can’t ignore.

It is small.

Even when you’re looking at an Instagram profile picture on a typical laptop, it’s hardly even two inches tall. This means that the further away your subject is in the photo you use, the more unrecognizable they become.

Let’s look at the following example of two different profile pictures from my own Instagram account.

What not to do:

Instagram profile picture wrong size

The picture above was already taken from a distance. When I use it as my Instagram profile picture, it becomes so small that even my closest friends may not be able to identify who I am.

If you’re trying to establish yourself as an Instagram influencer, you want to be familiar and recognizable to your followers. Using a profile picture so small that it doesn’t even look like you is not the way to do that.

Try this instead:

instagram profile picture correct size

With this profile picture, those who know me are able to easily identify whose Instagram account they’ve landed on. That immediate recognition is exactly what we’re going for.

While solo pictures are ideal, if you don’t have one of those (like me!), consider centering yourself so that your followers won’t be left wondering whose profile they’re on. This is especially important for up-and-coming influencers, as most of your followers likely haven’t met you in person. 

Consistency is key

Whether you’re a social media marketing pro or trying to figure out how to get verified on Instagram, listen up – this tip is for you.

When it comes to any social media presence, consistency is key.

If you’re running multiple social media accounts for your company, this means ensuring your profile picture is the same on every single one of your profiles.

If you’re trying to build a become an influencer, this means keeping your profile picture the same for a significant amount of time. Changing your profile picture once a week, or even once a month, will only confuse your followers.

If you do change it, change it meaningfully—add rainbow colors for LGBT marketing during pride month or a festive holiday riff on your original picture.

On the other hand, keeping it the same for anywhere from six to nine months at a time will help you establish your personal brand. 

Quality matters

I hope this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway.

The quality of your photo matters.

Just like you wouldn’t have a typo in your Instagram bio, or blatantly ignore the proper Facebook cover photo size, you shouldn’t post an Instagram profile picture if the picture itself is subpar.

Before you select your profile picture, make sure it’s clear, recognizable, and maintains its critical details even when cropped to be a circle.

These may seem like minor details, but your followers – and more importantly, your potential followers – will notice. 

Your Instagram profile picture is ready to go!

With the proper Instagram profile picture size, you’ll be putting your best foot forward on your company or personal Instagram account.

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The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture Size for 2020 (+ Why It Matters) Looking for the proper Instagram profile picture size? This guide will teach you the perfect Instagram profile picture size for desktop and mobile, plus best practices!
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