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How G2 Fueled Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Launch

September 20, 2019

Getting into your customers’ minds is tough. 

When working for a company, it’s easy to fall prey to thinking like an employee and not as a consumer. As an employee, you know the benefits of your product or service, you understand how to use it, and because of that, you may become influenced into assuming your product or service is the best of the best. 

Unfortunately, this mindset often leaves us out of touch with our customers – the same customers who are seeing right through the perfect sales pitch and, instead, seeking out the real information about what you have to offer. 

That’s why Newswire went to its G2 profile to check out what its real users were saying. It understood the value of reviews and the impact they have on sales. In fact, according to our customer review statistics, displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%. 

Most people assume reviews are just for those shopping for a product or service, but reviews provide invaluable insights to improve and shift strategies for the company itself. 

G2 insights provide clarity 

Negative user reviews mostly help identify areas of opportunity to improve your product or service, while positive reviews tell you what your customers already enjoy, so you can integrate those aspects into new strategies or offerings. In the case of Newswire, it was the latter. After discovering it had high overall customer satisfaction and customer service ratings on G2, Newswire decided to leverage that strength and take its product to the next level. 

"Newswire prides itself on being an industry leader in customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by our No. 1 ranking in Customer Satisfaction by G2 among all PR Distribution Software companies (09/17/2019). So, we decided to launch the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour by combining our high-tech platform with a high-touch service and strategy component to help customers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right mediums. This approach increases brand awareness and web traffic while providing a greater return on media and marketing spend by turning owned media into the Earned Media Advantage."

- Joe Esposito, CEO of Newswire  

Newswire hopes this high-touch service on a high-tech platform will transform the way it does business. According to G2 reviews from real users of Newswire’s software, customers said they loved Newswire’s software but weren’t using it to its fullest capabilities. Newswire needed to fill this gap to ensure their customer satisfaction ranking remained high. 

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An idea was born 

Based on these insights, Newswire introduced the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour. 

Newswire says the goal of the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour is to help customers transform their press release campaigns. Newswire plans to help customers with high-touch customer service to create a comprehensive strategy that will increase brand awareness and increase traffic, with the ultimate intention of driving sales. 

newswire earned media advantage guided tourPhoto courtesy of Newswire 

But what does all of this really mean?  

In an interview, Newswire said its customers will all work with an Earned Media Advantage Strategist (EMAS) to guide them and use the software for them. The intention is that the EMAS becomes an extension of your team. They will analyze your information and needs and create an executable Earned Media Advantage Plan, from there the EMAS will use Newswire’s software to create the optimal press and media distribution plan.

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Customers want to feel like they’re set up for success, and implementing a high-touch customer service team is one way to ensure they have direct access to answers. Newswire used information from its product reviews on G2 to identify an area where it was satisfying its customers (hands-on customer service) and invested heavier in that area, ultimately turning that insight into a new product offering.

The power of customer reviews 

Authentic reviews limit risk, inform decisions, and eliminate biases. Whether you’re writing reviews to share knowledge, reading them to make a purchase, or analyzing them to better your product, reviews are changing the way decisions are made. 

G2 alone hosts more than 875,000 reviews (data gathered on 09/19/2019). Each and every review holds important information that a software seller wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, with G2's Press Release Distribution Software G2 Grid®, sellers can analyze their strengths and weaknesses against competitors as seen below. 


These days it’s crucial that all businesses leverage their reviews. Positive reviews tell you what to keep doing, and negative reviews provide you with an opportunity to improve. Reviews take the guessing game out of thinking like a customer. They give you direct access.

TIP: Getting a negative review can be alarming, but once you learn how to respond to negative customer reviews, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal. 

Use your reviews to your advantage 

Take a page out of Newswire’s book and let your customers inform your strategy. Through review analysis and careful planning, you could end up with a transformative, high-touch launch, like the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour. 

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If you’re ready to let your customers inform your strategy, like Newswire, learn how G2 can help you get more reviews so you can gather to most valuable customer insights.

How G2 Fueled Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Launch Discover how Newswire leveraged what their customers said in G2 reviews to launch a high-touch service.
Deirdre O'Donoghue Deirdre O’Donoghue is a Content Manager at Nature's Fynd and a former Content Manager at G2. In her free time, you can find Deirdre fostering puppies or exploring the Chicago foodie scene. (she/her/hers)

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