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Behind the Curtain: G2’s Vision & Roadmap for the Future

January 4, 2024

At G2 Reach 2023,  my colleague Palmer Houchins, Head of Marketing at G2, and I teamed up to offer a look behind the curtain at what’s happening here at G2.

Amid an evolving software buying landscape, we shared G2’s vision and product roadmap for empowering and connecting both software buyers and sellers. 

G2’s vision to empower and connect software buyers and sellers

As Palmer shared, G2 is committed to overcoming the challenges of sourcing authentic software information, striving to provide real user feedback, and assisting users to make informed decisions.

In an industry that moves quickly, real-time information is a necessity. G2's marketplace is the largest and most trusted site for software decision-making—with 90 million people visiting G2 annually. The power of honest customer reviews cannot be overstated, and G2’s marketing solutions connect software marketers and sales professionals with active in-market buyers.

To further help software buyers and vendors succeed in an age of AI, we introduced Monty this past year – an AI-powered software buying advisor.

Monty represents just one example of our mission to provide the most up-to-date insights in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, ensuring software decision-making remains effective even in the face of constant change.

Another way we support the software buying journey is by partnerships with market leaders like AWS and Microsoft Azure. These industry stalwarts have entrusted G2 with powering their customer reviews, amplifying our reach and influence in the field.

Self-serve buyers are on the rise. Make sure you can easily be found where they’re searching

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the role of search engines and G2's efforts in curating valuable information to stand out in search results. The ‘right place at the right time' strategy proves crucial as we witness the rise of self-serve empowered buyers and the consumerization of B2B buying.

People are not only visiting G2 to search for software, but when they search for software vendors and categories, their G2 profiles appear in search results. For example, when Google-ing “AI software” G2’s page is currently the first organic result that appears. 

At the end of the day, trusted reviews and solid market presence are fundamental for software companies. G2 is there to bridge the gap between these companies and genuinely interested buyers. Through our data and solutions, we’re committed to creating the best B2B buyer experience and helping vendors forge trusted connections with their in-market buyers.

Our Product R&D roadmap priorities 

When it comes to our product roadmap, we’re embracing AI to revolutionize how buyers discover software — delivering personalized recommendations and enhancing user experience by offering value-additions like collaboration tools and interactive demos. In doing so, we aim to amplify customer voices by gathering authentic reviews, assisted by AI. We will be bolstering seller tools, supporting integrations with gifting platforms, and sharing best practices on review generation too.


For the year ahead, our priority remains to deliver first-party low-funnel buyer intent, alongside simple and efficient integrations to enable use in your current workflows. To support this priority, we're improving features like “Track Your Prospects,” stack data, and contact partnerships to deliver more ROI.

Stay tuned for continuous innovations that drive connection between buyers and sellers, focused on three areas: amplifying customer voice, powering your pipeline, and transforming your strategy

Innovating through testing, feedback, and collaboration 

With constant innovations, G2 is moving faster and growing smarter –  always with you. Our Product R&D team can’t do this alone.

Thank you to all of those in our G2 community – our customers for offering feedback to improve our products and propose ideas for the roadmap, as well as our partners for making powerful integrations possible and extending the reach of G2. 

We’ll continue to iterate and experiment and continue to welcome all of your feedback. Thanks for helping us shape the future of software.

And if you missed our “Future of G2” session, you can catch the G2 Reach 2023 session recording. 

Reach 2023 The pulse of software.

Software’s most comprehensive digital conference. Hear from tech’s top leaders and watch sessions from Reach 2023.

Reach 2023 The pulse of software.

Software’s most comprehensive digital conference. Hear from tech’s top leaders and watch sessions from Reach 2023.

Behind the Curtain: G2’s Vision & Roadmap for the Future At G2 Reach 2023, G2’s Chief Product Officer & VP, Head of Marketing teamed up to share the company’s vision for empowering and connecting software buyers and sellers, in addition to G2’s product roadmap.
Sara Rossio Sara Rossio is Chief Product Officer at G2, where she manages the entirety of G2's product portfolio and has a keen eye for identifying new market opportunities. Having spent over 20 years building and managing software solutions in various product leadership roles, Sara is an effective leader, developing and executing both short and long-term strategic plans that drive profitability. Prior to joining G2, she held leadership positions at NAVTEQ/Here, Gogo, and PowerReviews. Sara holds five patents, and consistently focuses on solving user problems with technology. She earned her BSBA in Marketing & International Business from Ohio State University.

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