Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Ludwig Gerdes
Ludwig Gerdes  |  December 5, 2016

Organizations at the beginning of their social media marketing journey often find it difficult to navigate the road ahead without measuring their success. 

Social media analytics software products alleviate this issue by allowing users to analyze social media marketing efforts and track their progress. Nonetheless, many social analytics tools fall outside bounds of reality for social media managers with limited funds to invest. Free social analytics tools represent a blessing to many organizations, allowing them to skillfully track their success despite their finite budget. A variety of free social media analytics solutions exist for this purpose, allowing users to test the waters before investing in a more robust product.

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Due to the number of products in the social analytics software category, the options below are limited to those that have received five or more reviews and offer free social analytics tools for users.

Social Media Analytics Tools with Free Version

Many social media analytics products offer a free edition with limited functionality, users and reporting capabilities. Those social analytics tools are listed below with details of their free versions.


Product Description

With Hootsuite, users can monitor keywords, manage myriad social media profiles, schedule messages and measure their success with built-in social analytics capabilities.

Free Options

Hootsuite offers individual users a free plan that provides basic social media analytics, such as follower growth and content performance, in addition to other social media management functions. Hootsuite also provides a 30-day free trial for its small-business team plan with more robust social analytics capabilities.

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Product Description

ManageFlitter provides users with a set of easy to use tools to empower them to work smarter and faster with Twitter. Users can measure their success with built-in social analytics capabilities.

Free Options

ManageFlitter offers individual users a free plan that provides account cleanup and growth recommendations. ManageFlitter also provides a 14-day free trial for its business plan with more robust Twitter analytics.

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Product Description

Quintly enables users to track, benchmark and optimize their social media performance.

Free Options

Quintly offers a free plan for individual users that provides limited Facebook analytics capabilities. Quintly also provides a 14-day free trial for each of its pricing tiers.

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Product Description

Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps users easily monitor all business data from one place, including key social metrics.

Free Options

Cyfe offers a free plan that includes a limited number of dashboards, widgets and data exports.

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Product Description

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that finds and analyzes followers while optimizing channels for social growth.

Free Options

Followerwonk offers individual users a free plan with social media monitoring capabilities, allowing users to compare social authority rankings and understand follower activity.

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Product Description

Klear is a social intelligence platform. It measures the social web and let brands utilize social monitoring, influencer marketing and competitive research tools to do smarter marketing.

Free Options

Klear offers individual users a free plan with limited influencer identification, social media monitoring, and social analytics capabilities.

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Product Description

Twitonomoy provides a dashboard detailed Twitter monitoring and analytics features.

Free Options

Twitonomy offers its product for free, but it does not extend beyond social analytics features as some other products in this list do, and it is limited to Twitter analytics.

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Zoho Social

Product Description

Zoho Social provides social media scheduling, management, monitoring and performance measurement within a single dashboard.

Free Options

Zoho Social offers individual users a free plan with social media management capabilities for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

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Product Description

Zuum is a social media analytics product that helps organizations generate insights into marketing campaign performance across a series of social networks.

Free Options

Zuum offers individual users a free plan that includes basic social media analytics and competitor benchmarking on Facebook.

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Social Analytics Free Trials

For short-term projects or to test potential solutions, the products below offer trials periods to use the software for free. Most trial periods last 14 or 30 days. 

Social Analytics Products with Other Cool Free Features

Some platforms provide other free features outside of those normally included by social media analytics products. Those are listed below with details about their free offerings.


Free Options

AgoraPulse provides three free social media marketing tools: a Facebook page barometer, a Twitter analytics report card and a simple social media contest tool. These allow users to compare their accounts with their competitors’ and evaluate fan engagement.

Simply Measured

Free Options

Simply Measured offers a series of free one-off reports that users can generate based upon one of their social media accounts. These include audience analysis reports, competitive analyses and web traffic performance reports that can be created for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Vine.

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Union Metrics

Free Options

Union Metrics offers free account performance assessment tools for Instagram and Twitter. Similar to the free tools offered by other products, these tools are limited in scope and functionality but allow users to evaluate the quality of their social media marketing practices.

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