How to Download Instagram Stories (+All Instagram Data)

January 18, 2019

There are many reasons why a person might want to download their Instagram stories and, further, all their Instagram data.

Maybe you posted something so brilliantly hilarious that it deserves to live in infamy. Maybe you want to share your story with someone who isn’t on Instagram. Maybe you’re tracking Instagram marketing data to share with a social media client and you need visuals. This can be aided by social media monitoring software.

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Luckily, the secret to downloading your Instagram stories is hiding in plain sight - and that’s not all. It’s now possible to download all of your Instagram data - photos, videos, comments, profile information and more.

Download Instagram stories and Instagram data

It’s quite simple to download your Instagram stories from the mobile app.

Steps to download Instagram stories

Open your Instagram app, and navigate to your story. In the lower right corner of your screen, tap “More.”
 download instagram stories more

Click “Save…” once the menu appears.

download instagram stories save story

Select “Save Story” if you’d like to download the individual story slide. Select “Save Video” if you have multiple story slides up and you want them to save as a video.
 download instagram stories save video

Once these stories are saved, they’ll live in your camera roll, with all the captions, gifs and illustrations you’ve added as well.

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Steps to download all Instagram data

If you’re looking to download previous stories as well as all your prior Instagram content, it’s completely possible and easy to do so.

First, go to your profile page on your mobile app and tap the top right corner, where three horizontal lines appear.

 download all instagram data profile page

Then, navigate to Settings at the bottom of the page.

download all instagram data settings 

Scroll down to Data Download.

 download all instagram data download

Enter your email address, then click Request Download - you’ll receive all your Instagram data in your email address.

 download all instagram data email address

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Now that you know how to download your Instagram stories and download all Instagram data, you have full access to all of your data on Instagram. Take a look at some other Instagram-related content that might be useful:

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