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How to Use Screen Recording Videos in Your Content

September 26, 2019

Efficiency rating has become one of the fastest-growing stats in sports.

In essence, it takes in all of the good subtracts out the bad and gives you a rating. Players' contracts are evaluated on it, teams are built around it, and championships stem from it. If advanced metrics are good enough for sports, why not your marketing?

Leading a small team with a small budget at CloudApp, I have learned to implement some of my own efficiency ratings for content, and I want to share a big piece of that playbook with you. At the core of content efficiency is repurposing or extending the value of one piece of content.

A great way to do that and to build thought leadership is to use screen recording videos in your content.

Video is becoming one of the most consumed mediums on the internet. Cisco predicts that by 2021, video will represent 81% of all internet traffic. The growth of video mediums like Snapchat, TikTok and established social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pushing video shows other brands and marketing outlets see the potential.

This article will outline the core reasons using screen recording software is beneficial for your company’s marketing strategy, and how we discovered these benefits at CloudApp. 

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Why use screen recording content in your marketing?

We are visual people. We like to see things, feel things, hear things. Bringing visual content marketing into the forefront of your strategy can help enable your customers and those who stumble upon your blog in different ways to consume your content.

A few months ago at CloudApp we started putting a 60 second Vlog about the blog at the header of every blog post. We use the CloudApp screen recording tool to record key insights from the full ~2000 word post. The results have been strong with a good portion of our posts.

The playlist, “60 second vlog about the blog” on our YouTube channel, is the most viewed, which has translated into a great way to showcase how to improve marketing campaigns with video

In a visual world, adding screen recorded videos before your blog posts can bring top insights to life. These videos can also provide a great differentiation to your social graveyard of blog post links. The beauty is that you can even post these videos natively too social rather than needing to upload them to YouTube first.

Posting a native video means that your customers/audience can view the video right in the feed without having to engage with the link that would take an additional step. I'll take you through how to make this happen.

3 ways to use screen recorded videos in your content

We’ve gone over using screen recorded videos for your blog and for social to create content efficiency. How else can you use video in your content?

1. Demo how-to videos

Referenced in CloudApp's 2019 video trends report, HubSpot shows that 68% of people prefer a short video to learn about a product.

Think about that for a minute. That means nearly 75% of the people coming to your site to read a how to piece of content would rather see a video. You could even apply a portion of that to your standard blog content. It may not be nearly that high, but chances are, a large portion of people would love to have a video or audio version of your long blog post that they could consume first.

hubspot data

2. Introduce a new product

If you’ve recently come out with a new product or service, chances are, your audience is going to be enthralled. After all, who doesn’t like something new? Similar to how-to videos, people prefer to see something in action rather than try to decipher what the new product or service is.

Videos can be leveraged to introduce new products and features in a plethora of ways: 

A teaser/introduction to the new product/service
An explanation of the new product/service
The benefits for the consumer of the new product/service
How to utilize the new product/service

A screen recording can cover all of the aforementioned points and allow users to better understand a product and entice them to utilize it. People are more inclined to utilize a product or service if they understand it.

3. Aid with marketing campaigns

Content isn’t created for no reason. Content is created for the audience to better understand what the business is about, what they have to offer, and the value behind it all. Whether a how-to video or an introduction video, screen recordings can help marketers improve upon their marketing campaigns. Understanding how many people prefer interacting with visual content can allow marketers to better structure their content and generate better return.

Just how can marketers leverage screen recording? Adding visual entities to posts can reach and entice audiences who respond better to such streams of media. By allocating strategy towards adding said visuals, marketers can create content that speaks higher volumes to their audience and leaves them with more questions answered rather than more questions at all.

Should every blog post have a screen recorded video?

After updating and adding the Vlog video we created into our content, we noticed an increase in traffic to the blog. This jump in traffic shows that although you may not need a screen recorded video in each piece of content, it could be beneficial to extend content, provide a new medium for consumption, and modernize your marketing. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google itself. It doesn’t hurt to be adding as much video as you are blog or other website content to ensure you are capturing traffic in both areas. It is also valuable to find your audience in different mediums. Give them options to learn about you through video, auditory, and textual means.

How can marketing enable the sales team with screen recorded content?

The marketing team can create webcam enabled How To videos that sales and customer success team can use along the way.

If you want your sales team to go the extra mile of personalization they can create the video themselves and save them for the future. A personalized video of the sales/customer success person answering a question can bring an extra level of customer experience and create loyalty.

Your sales people could also use screen recorded video for any note they sent along the way. Explain a contract, share an article you saw about the company or industry they are in, stay connected without needing a meeting.

joe tweet

How can screen recording improve customer experience?

Customer experience is crucial when it comes to just about every aspect of business. If customers fail to have a good experience, their chances of returning or recommending a business are nominal. When it comes to customer experience in the digital space, it isn’t about who has the most glitz and glam, but rather, the opposite.

While intricate and complex models may be impressive to the eye, they typically don’t perform well because, well, they are too complex. In today’s world, people much rather prefer a simple and easy way to retain information, make a purchase, and so on. 

screen recording with cloudapp

As mentioned previously, screen recording can help audience members better understand a business and all they have to offer. Providing a simplistic outlet for individuals to retain the information they want will help improve upon the overall experience. Improving overall experience for customers leads to more action taken, more returning individuals, and more referrals, all of which will increase profit whilst simultaneously keeping your audience happy.


Content continues to take a visual shift and as it does, it’s important to understand how people receive it. Convenience and simplicity are key when it comes to actionable content. Screen recordings can be used in various ways to create impactful content that will drive users to take action. From how-to videos to product introductions even down to personable videos, screen recordings have the power to bring content to the next level and show your audience you have their best interests in mind.

Leveraging the tools available can also aid in improving the workflow for those creating said content. Screen recording can improve the flow of content for both those creating it and those responding to it. 

Ready to dive into a world filled with impressive screen recordings embedded throughout your content? What are you waiting for? Find the best screen recording software solutions only on G2. 

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How to Use Screen Recording Videos in Your Content See how CloudApp discovered the benefits of screen recording technology and how you can implement screen recorded videos in your content to improve traffic.
Joe Martin Joe Martin is the current VP of Marketing at CloudApp, a video collaboration tool. He has over 12 years experience working in marketing and strategy. Prior to CloudApp he led multiple content, research, and social teams at Adobe. He has an MBA from Utah and an entrepreneurship degree from Stanford and his work has been quoted in top tier press like the WSJ, Forbes, AP, and CNBC.

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