G2 Partners With Bombora to Elevate Buyer Intent Data

July 14, 2020


Now more than ever it’s important to be on top of everything that’s happening with your business across the web. All interactions are extremely valuable and every sale counts.

But it’s not always easy keeping tabs on the thousands of people scoping out your category and product, let alone your competitors’ – until now, that is.

As of today, G2 is partnering with Bombora to help B2B vendors identify which businesses are conducting relevant research across G2.com and the greater B2B web by introducing a sleek integration that lives within every G2 customer’s admin panel, my.G2.

What does it do?

This limited, but powerful integration allows G2 customers to augment the buyer intent they’re already receiving from G2 with an overlay of Bombora’s Intent data on those accounts in the form of a Bombora Topic Score. This functionality surfaces the businesses which are simultaneously committing relevant intent signals across G2.com, and researching related topics relevant to your business across the B2B web. 

bombora myg2

bombora myg2-screenshot

bombora myg2-buyer-intent

With this Intent data integration, G2 customers can: 

  • Deliver Relevant Outreach: By using Bombora Intent topic insights to validate your target buyer’s research behaviors, you can craft hyper-personalized outreach covering products and topics they’re most interested in -- your content not only stands out from the rest, but resonates with your target.  
  • Prioritize In-Market Accounts: G2 Intent data paired with Bombora Intent topic insights  identify which businesses aren’t just exhibiting online research behaviors, but are also actively exploring and comparing specific products on g2.com -- so you can be certain the accounts you target are actually in-market and evaluating solutions.  
  • Target at the Perfect Time: G2 Buyer Intent and Bombora Intent data deliver up-to-the-minute trends on the research and buying behaviors of the most active accounts relevant to you, so you can time your outreach when they’re in the peak of their research phase and ensure you get to the table before (and not after) they’ve already made their decision.

This integration exists within my.G2, and is available to all Pro, Power, Activate, and Accelerate G2 customers who are leveraging Buyer Intent. At no additional cost to these customers, they will – once activated – see a Bombora topic count next to all G2 Buyer Intent accounts that are also trending in selected topics on the B2B web according to Bombora’s Intent data. 

Want to get started? Find out how you can benefit from G2’s new partnership with Bombora.

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Don't have a G2 profile? No worries. Create a profile for FREE today and find out what G2 can do for you!

G2 Partners With Bombora to Elevate Buyer Intent Data G2 and Bombora are now partnering to augment Buyer Intent data to support B2B vendors in identifying buyers. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/bombora-integration-blog-external@2x.png
Jordan Wahl Jordan Wahl is a former content manager at G2. She holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She loves anything that puts her in her creative space. including writing, art, and music. https://learn.g2crowd.com/hubfs/jordan-wahl-g2crowd.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanmwahl/

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