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5 Best DAM Tools for Small Businesses

October 16, 2017

Digital asset management software, also known as DAM tools, are like utility belts for your multimedia. 

Just as Batman needs an easy-to-reach accessory for his go-to gadgets, you need a digital pouch for brand-centric photos, videos and audio clips. When planning a presentation or zipping out some promotional materials, even as a growing business, it helps to know where these assets are and ensure the entire team is up to speed. Digital asset management can be a lifesaver.

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A small business like yours only has a portion of the digital assets that a towering enterprise giant possesses. You will similarly have fewer people coming and going through the folders, require less features (in theory), and — last but far from least — have less money to cough up for such a solution.

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With these considerations in mind, we’ve assembled some ideal DAM solutions for your budding organization that don’t skimp on quality or reliability. You may grow to love your DAM platform and make it work for you even as your company balloons in size. Conversely, you may decide to “level up” at a certain point with more robust software. But, as with any important business decision, you’ll cross each bridge as it comes.

Here are some of the best DAM products for your small business as it is today, products that can help your team optimize its educational and marketing efforts on the path to success.

Best DAM tools for small businesses

While there are many digital asset management tools, check out these five best DAM tools for your small business.


Wiredrive has the highest G2 score on our Fall 2017 Small-Business Grid® for Digital Asset Management (DAM), and ranks well on the majority of features among reviewers. The product’s website boasts the names of some big-name users (e.g. Nike, Cisco), but its massive popularity among small-business users as well shows how flexible the crowd-pleasing platform can be.

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Daminion’s platform is heavily weighted toward picture management. Users rave about its tagging, indexed searching and category management features, and it advertises a friendly price tag and membership model compared to its competitors.

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Among small-business reviewers on G2 Crowd, IntelligenceBank held the highest pure satisfaction rating as of the Fall 2017 Small-Business Grid® report. Among its numerous sterling satisfaction ratings were a 100 percent rating for Quality of Support and a 98 percent rating for Ease of Use. Reviewers felt it was equally impressive for handling photo, audio and video files.

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100 percent of small-business reviewers reported that they installed Libris using an in-house team, which can be a significant factor for smaller companies desiring that sense of control over their software. The product’s ratings for Ease of Doing Business and Quality of Support are close to perfect. The Libris product website features a handful of case studies from small businesses that have found success with the platform.

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Brandfolder has the second highest satisfaction rating among small-business users after IntelligenceBank, with higher than 90 percent ratings on every satisfaction metric. The platform was also deemed “Most Implementable” on the most recent Implementation Index for Digital Asset Management this past summer, making it perfect for small teams looking to deploy a DAM system with minimal stress.

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As of this writing there are 115 DAM products scored featured on G2 Crowd, with more inevitably on the way. If your office is in need of a platform to assemble important media files, these five are a great place to begin your search. Soon enough you will discover the many benefits of DAM software and wonder how your small business survived this long without it.

5 Best DAM Tools for Small Businesses Looking for digital asset management tools to improve your business? Check out the top 5 DAM software solutions for small businesses.
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