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Rebecca Reynoso

Rebecca Reynoso is the Content Editor and Guest Post Program Manager at G2. She also works as a freelance editor and writer for a few small- and medium-sized tech companies. Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys watching hockey, cooking, and spending time with her family and cat. (she/her/hers)


Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are trending terms in the tech sphere that are...


What Is Martech? Learn 5 Ways to Use AI in Marketing

Marketers never have only one task to focus on at a given time.


What Is NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

Natural language processing is something we encounter on a regular basis – but you probably...


Learning AI: Become an Expert Without a Degree

Diving into a topic like artificial intelligence without previous knowledge seemed like an...


AI in Retail: How It’s Being Used in 2020 (+4 Brand Examples)

The news has been inundated with stories about brick and mortar stores closing at an astounding...


43 Can’t-Miss Voice Search Statistics for 2020

Smartphones gave way to the concept of voice search on personal devices, which eventually...


7 Tips on How Small Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise businesses (you know, multi-million dollar companies that don’t need any more name...


What Is Edtech? (+4 Ways AI is Shaping Education in 2020)

Education is constantly in flux.


3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your AI Marketing Strategy

The first thing that crosses people’s minds when thinking of AI probably isn’t marketing.

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