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Jasmine Lee

Jasmine is G2's senior research analyst for a slew of vertical categories, currently focusing on the trends, impact, and evolution of the healthtech, medtech, agtech, propertytech, and construction spaces. Prior to joining G2, she worked in the nonprofit sector in a copywriting and customer service capacity, and contributed to a handful of online entertainment and pop culture publications. G2 allows her to continue investing in her passion for digging into the nuances of consumer-focused, legacy industries to offer digestible, relatable insight to those same consumers.


5 Free EMR Systems For Hospitals

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What is HRIS? Human Resources Information System Defined

HR departments have a LOT to do; they do more than hire and fire employees. According to ...


The State of B2B Tech in Raleigh/Durham for 2018

“I’m gonna wear that Carolina blue, baby.” — Viola Hastings, “She’s the Man” (2006)


The State of B2B Tech in Missouri in 2018

The AIM Institute, a nonprofit committed to building a community of entrepreneurs, innovators,...


The State of B2B Tech in Washington DC 2018

Tech isn’t tentatively making its way to Washington.


The State of B2B Tech in Atlanta in 2018

Move aside, Delta Airlines, you are not the only significant business presence in the city of...


What are Smart Cities and How Do They Work

In the Disney Channel Original Movie “Smart House,” protagonist Ben Cooper must come to terms...


How Uber Leverages Supply and Demand in Their Pricing Model

Come New Year’s Eve (or any major event or holiday that ensures lots and lots of people need...


E-Commerce May Be King But It Needs Marketing to Draw In and Keep Customers

SEO-driven traffic wins. Top-of-funnel conversions. Nurturing relationships with influencers....

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