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Emily Goorevich

Emily Goorevich is a former content marketing intern at G2, and currently works as an SEO Specialist at L2TMedia. She is originally from Maryland, and loves reading, listening to podcasts, and eating falafel.


7 Types of Graphic Design (Examples + Job Titles)

Through visual composition, graphic design has the ability to solve problems and communicate messages.


A Guide to Strikethrough on Google Docs

If you’re like me, then it’s common to feel indecisive while writing.


A Guide to Highlighting in Google Docs (+Tips for Organizations)

Everyone learns and organizes their thoughts in different ways.


How To Superscript and Subscript in Google Docs

Most people will agree that it can be frustrating to work with numbers while using a word processor.


Google Docs Outline: Your Guide to Using it Efficiently

Writing a lengthy document can be difficult to manage.


How to Add Footnotes in Google Docs

Did you know that plagiarism is considered fraud?


A Guide to Adding Footers in Google Docs (+How to Format Footers)

Need to bring clarity to your document? Try adding a footer.


3 Ways to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Writing is hard enough, especially when having to tackle formatting issues.


A Guide to Using Google Docs Offline

It is difficult to match the convenience of Google Docs.

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