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Brittany K. King

Brittany K. King is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at G2, specializing in writing content to support G2 products and sellers. Since 2014, Brittany’s worked in digital marketing focusing on social media and content strategy. Her prior work experience includes continuing education, consumer packaged goods, insurance, and online services. Brittany received her BA from Pace University in English Language & Literature with a concentration in Writing.


How to Turn Accounts Into Contacts With G2 Buyer Intent

Imagine if you asked for someone’s address, and they simply responded, “Chicago”.

Case study

Kibo Sees Nearly 3x the Conversions With G2 Buyer Intent Data

Is it possible to leverage your competitors' data to effectively scale your own outbound...


The Buyer Intent Playbook: How Marketers Can Utilize Intent Data

Fact or myth: Great products don’t need marketing. 


The CEO Playbook Part 2: Scale Your Business and Sustain Success

Pop quiz: 43% of small businesses claim their biggest financial challenge is ________.


The CEO Playbook Part 1: Starting a Business With Customer-Led Growth

Sixty-three percent of tech startups fail in the first four years - the highest failure rate of...


The Buyer Intent Playbook: How to Retain Customers and Reduce Churn

Congrats, you won a new customer! Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. 


How to Assess Your Review Collection Strategy

Some people collect rocks, others collect baseball cards. You, on the other hand, collect...

Case study

GoCardless Taps into North American Market Using G2 Solutions

Expanding an established business overseas is easier said than done. GoCardless, however,...


G2 Partners With Pendo to Help Companies Solicit Quality Reviews

Collecting quality user feedback is challenging, but platforms like Pendo help solve this...

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