Amal Joby

Amal is a Research Analyst at G2 researching the cybersecurity, blockchain, and machine learning space. He's fascinated by the human mind and hopes to decipher it in its entirety one day. In his free time, you can find him reading books, obsessing over sci-fi movies, or fighting the urge to have a slice of pizza.


What Is Machine Learning and How Does It Work?

Machine learning is the science of enabling computers to function without being programmed to do so.


Supervised Learning: How to Teach Machines to Help Us

You can think of supervised learning as a teacher supervising the entire learning process.It's one...


Deep Learning: How Intelligent Machines Learn and Progress

Deep learning is an intelligent machine's way of learning things.


Narrow AI: Not as Weak as It Sounds

If you use a smartphone, you probably have come across narrow AI.


Artificial General Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Artificial general intelligence could be the best or worst thing that ever happens to us.


What Is Artificial Intelligence? Everything You Need to Know

The term artificial intelligence might take you back to those sleepless nights when the T-800 from ...

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