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Amal Joby

Amal Joby is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2. He's fascinated by the human mind and hopes to decipher it in its entirety one day. In his free time, you can find him reading books, obsessing over sci-fi movies, or fighting the urge to have a slice of pizza.


What Is Training Data? How It’s Used in Machine Learning

Machine learning models are as good as the data they're trained on.


What Is Logistic Regression? Learn When to Use It

Life is full of tough binary choices.


What Is Cross-Validation? Comparing Machine Learning Models

Cross-validation is an invaluable tool for data scientists.


What Is K-Nearest Neighbor? An ML Algorithm to Classify Data

Algorithms drive the machine learning world.


What Is Linear Regression? How It's Used in Machine Learning

Isn't linear regression part of statistics?


How to Reverse Image Search on Phone and Desktop

Humans are visual creatures.


Computer Vision: How Machines Interpret the Visual World

Computer vision is the field of artificial intelligence that enables machines to "see".


Unsupervised Learning: How Machines Learn on Their Own

Unsupervised learning lets machines learn on their own.


What Is Machine Learning and How Does It Work?

Machine learning is the science of enabling computers to function without being programmed to do...

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