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Alyssa Towns

Alyssa Towns works in communications and change management and is a freelance writer for G2. She mainly writes SaaS, productivity, and career-adjacent content. In her spare time, Alyssa is either enjoying a new restaurant with her husband, playing with her Bengal cats Yeti and Yowie, adventuring outdoors, or reading a book from her TBR list.


What Is Database Encryption? Types and Best Practices

If you gather sensitive and personal data, it’s critical to protect it. Database encryption exists...


How to Obtain Small Business Financing and Spend Wisely

Starting and growing a small business is filled with many challenges and exciting opportunities....


Easy Website Builders: Simplify Web Development for Beginners

Creating an online presence with a website doesn’t have to test your resolve. With an easy website...


Personal Selling: Build Lasting Customer Relationships

What comes to mind when you think about sales? Cold emails? Pushy tactics that don’t resonate?...


How to Create a LinkedIn Page for Your Business in 4 Steps

LinkedIn is a top social media and professional networking platform, with over one billion members...


Your About Us Page Should Standout: Tips for a Compelling One

An About Us page is like a first-round interview, with your customers asking questions to determine...


Omnichannel Marketing Improves the Customer Journey. Here’s How.

Many of us frequently turn to coffee shops for an afternoon pick-me-up at good ol’ Starbucks. If...


How to Use Brand Authenticity to Earn Customers' Love

In a world filled with noise and conflicting messages, authenticity stands out like a beacon.


How to Create a Sinking Fund to Avoid Drowning in Debt

Dealing in corporate bonds isn’t always smooth sailing, but corporations can provide investors with...

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