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What Is Email Marketing? (+Why It Is Necessary for Your Business)

May 28, 2019

What makes an effective marketing channel?

Is it accessible to a large customer base? Is it popular amongst millennials? Does it offer a proper medium through which you can communicate your brand’s messaging?

Email marketing software checks off all of these boxes, and it’s no surprise that 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content, according to Hubspot.

With all of the opportunities for promoting your brand that email provides, we’ll go through why email marketing is absolutely necessary for your business.

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Why email marketing is necessary for your business

Think of all that goes into your brand’s marketing strategy. At its core, your strategy is centered on reaching as many potential consumers as possible.  Email marketing helps you accomplish this efficiently and directly in the inboxes of your customers. There are plenty of email marketing campaign tips out there, but it's important that we explore why email marketing is an effective and necessary marketing strategy for your business first.

Email is an accessible channel  

Over half of all internet users check or send emails daily. When you have this large of an audience that you know will be at your fingertips with a successful email campaign, it’s clear as to how email marketing can help your business reach a sizable number of readers.

With the rise of email mobile apps and emails being accessible from your phone at all times, your brand has the opportunity to reach your customers no matter their location. What other type of marketing offers that kind of accessibility?

Email marketing is essential for your business because it allows you to reach customers in a timely and accessible way.

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You can craft an established audience for your content

With email marketing, your audience has already signed up for your brand’s updates and expressed interest in the type of content you produce. It’s up to you, as the email marketer, to make the most of the opportunity.

Once you master how to build an email list, you can then explore how to best convert those on the receiving end of your emails to consistent customers.

Having an established audience for your brand’s messaging via your email list builds trust and excitement from your recipients for your emails to populate in their inboxes. This is a key aspect of email newsletters that really helps your brand break through to a state of successful customer loyalty.

If you are sending emails on a consistent basis, establish a consistent voice or theme between the emails to position your brand as a familiar concept to your subscriber base.  A consistent and recognizable presence in your recipients’ inboxes is the first step towards greater brand loyalty and proves how email marketing is a perfect medium to start this relationship.

Personalization is key

Email marketing is unique in how it creates direct, personal relationships between customers and a brand. Emails from a brand arrive directly in the inboxes of customers. With this unique type of messaging (compared to the relationship created by a TV commercial or a billboard ), email marketing enables the ability to personalize content and further stand out as part of a brand’s marketing that connects with customers.

Customizable aspects of email messages are key in maintaining and fostering relationships between your brand and your customers. Features like special birthday messages or personalized news feeds can also strengthen the emotional ties a consumer has to your brand.

Feeling like they are recognized for their humanity and not just the money they have to spend can go a long way with your customers. Leveraging personalization while serving the right content at the right time to the right audience is a great way to build lasting relationships with your subscriber base, and no channel provides a better opportunity for doing this than email.


Email is a necessary channel for your marketing campaign. Your ability to reach a tailored audience with personalized messages on a channel that anyone can access from their computer or phone is too big of an opportunity for your marketing team not to take advantage of. Once you start your email marketing campaign, it’s also easy to measure its success through many email marketing metrics and be inspired for new ideas through email newsletter templates.

Email marketing is a great start to a personalized and effective marketing campaign. With its help, you can be on your way to making a greater personal connection with your customers.

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