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G2 Announces Syndication Partnership With Crayon

September 1, 2020

crayon g2 partnership

Crayon is a platform that allows companies to capture, analyze, and act on competitive intelligence so that they can stay on top of the latest, and most relevant competitive information pertaining to themselves and their industry.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Crayon. Crayon Competitive Intelligence customers  will now have immediate access to G2 verified reviews directly within the platform to help them get a 360° view of themselves and the products they’re up against. 

About Crayon Intelligence

Through human and artificial intelligence, Crayon filters and surfaces key signals from across the web to provide actionable competitive insights. Crayon’s platform allows businesses to share competitive insights with their entire organization and measure the impact on key business metrics.

G2 Reviews + Crayon Competitive Intelligence Platform

G2 Review Syndication enables solutions like Crayon to supercharge their insights with 1,000,000+ verified, third-party user reviews for 108,000+ software and services solutions. Learn more about collecting and syndicating more G2 reviews for your Crayon listing here.

Competitive intelligence is the most effective tool companies have at their disposal to drive new revenue, retain and expand existing customer relationships, and develop comprehensive, differentiated products. But intelligence is only as effective as it is accurate and complete.

By bringing G2 reviews into Crayon, companies can leverage the authenticity and accuracy of fresh, validated customer reviews to create a truly comprehensive competitive picture for both themselves – and their industry at large. 

Surface the right data

Wish you knew just what to say to knock your competitors out of the running? With over 1,000,000+ validated customer reviews, your team will have a wealth of real, user-generated data at their fingertips so they can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to stand out against even your toughest competitors. 

Identify your differentiators

When everybody’s marketing claims to be ‘the leader’, poking the right holes in a competitor's pitch can feel like anyone’s guess. This partnership eliminates the guesswork and gets to the heart of what makes you unique. G2 puts each customer review through a thorough, comprehensive vetting process before it's published, which means you’ll have full access to the good, the bad, and the ugly – right from within your Crayon dashboard. 

Tell a personalized story

Every customer has different needs and challenges, making each interaction unique. G2 gathers reviews from a wealth of user personas, industry types, and company sizes so you can develop personalized battle cards and marketing material that cater to each customer’s individual story.

Interested in learning more about how our partnership with Crayon can fuel your business? Claim your profile and get started today.

ea5fa4208abc630da645ee21b35af85af516002067d66c1440b56ce6cc7d0e8d Build your brand

Discover how the Crayon + G2 partnership can help you harness the power of authentic user reviews.

ea5fa4208abc630da645ee21b35af85af516002067d66c1440b56ce6cc7d0e8d Build your brand

Discover how the Crayon + G2 partnership can help you harness the power of authentic user reviews.

G2 Announces Syndication Partnership With Crayon G2 has partnered with Crayon to start syndicating verified G2 reviews directly to vendor listings on the marketplace.
Aubyn Casady Aubyn Casady is a former Principal Product Marketing Manager at G2.

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