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G2 Buyer Intent + LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Featured User: Autodesk Construction Cloud

September 25, 2020

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Operationalize Buyer Intent for Better ABM

Buyer intent data is great, if you know how to use it. That’s why we are so excited about our integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences. This solution allows customers like Autodesk to retarget active buyers conducting research on, right on LinkedIn with effective content.

In this user guide, we’ll break down what G2 Buyer Intent data is, how to use LinkedIn Matched Audiences to retarget accounts visiting your G2 profile, and how Autodesk successfully leveraged this strategic integration to create a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce their cost-per-acquisition, increase ad conversions, and lower cost per landing page.

What is G2 Buyer Intent Data?

G2 Buyer Intent will tell you which companies are researching your product, so you can create ABM campaigns that speak to their unique needs. Buyer Intent signals allow your team to see what potential buyers are researching you, your product, and your competitors. Buyer Intent makes things easy on your team by automatically alerting you of new intent signals from G2, and allows your team to prioritize relevant content that gives your audience exactly what they’re looking for.

What is LinkedIn Matched Audiences?

LinkedIn Matched Audiences harnesses the power of LinkedIn’s professional data and combines it with your own first-party data to reach the right audiences on LinkedIn. With Matched Audiences, you can retarget your website visitors or members who engage with your content or lead generation forms. It’s also easier than ever to securely upload lists of companies or email addresses and integrate your contact management platform.

How does this integration work?

By combining these two powerful solutions together, companies like Autodesk are able to retarget active customers researching their product on G2 with on LinkedIn. Teams can easily build LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on their G2 Buyer Intent data, including accounts who have recently viewed their profile, category, or competitors on G2.

Most companies can achieve this by following just a few simple steps:

1. Go to and select “Integrations.” From there, find the integration tile for LinkedIn Matched Audiences tile in the “Integrations Hub”

2. Next, connect your G2 & LinkedIn Accounts by logging into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and activating your integration. Once you’ve done that you can provide “Viewer Access” to your G2 success manager so you can discuss and optimize your results together!

3. From there it's time to define your timeframe based on how far back into your data you’d like to look when building your audience segmentation.

Ask yourself these questions about your target audience:

  • How well do I know my buyer’s journey?
  • How long do they spend researching products before purchasing?
  • Is recency (ie: 30 days) indicative of ready-to-buy?
  • What’s the furthest back we’d retarget to stay relevant?

4. Once you’ve answered those questions, set your criteria based on which G2 buyer intent types you’d like to build your audience segments on. This is when you need to ask yourself questions like, which buyer activities matter the most? How do you want to target your audience? And what G2 Content types will deliver that message the best?

5. After you’ve done all that, it’s time to review your matched audiences. View the target accounts that have been generated in my.G2 based on the intent signals you’ve decided to monitor. Double-check that everything looks the way you want.

Ask yourself these questions before moving to the next step:

  • What other filters are important to you?
  • What’s your target company size?
  • What’s your target industry?
  • What regions do you sell to?
  • Are there any accounts (ie: competitors) you’d like to remove?

6. Now you can launch your audiences!

  • Start by building a new campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • After selecting your campaign objective, add in your G2 Buyer Intent list by searching for it under Audiences > Third Party
  • If Desired, layer in additional LinkedIn Targeting attributes like job function and seniority
  • Add in your content, and launch your campaign! 

Then, start using your G2 Content the most relevant information to your new matched audiences based on their G2 activity. Building LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on your G2 Buyer Intent data ensures only the most engaged, active accounts are seeing and interacting with your content.

This ensures better audience segmentation, better content delivery, and a higher ROI. Deliver the right content to the right people, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How Autodesk Construction Cloud used this integration

Autodesk BIM 360 Construction Management Software is a unified construction management platform that connects project teams and data in real-time, allowing users to reduce risk, improve quality, and deliver projects on time and on budget. As a current G2 Leader, Autodesk BIM 360 Construction Management Software is known for its ease of use and set up, along with quality customer support.

Learn how Autodesk leveraged this integration to uniquely solve for all-too-common digital marketing challenges.

Business Challenge

Vague audience targeting and high CPA

With continued pressure to reduce ad spend, while converting more MQLs for Autodesk’s sales team, marketing was tasked with sharpening their targeting efforts on a budget. The problem was, prospects weren’t engaging enough with their native content (19% conversion rate), and when they were, their CPA (cost per acquisition) was higher than what they were aiming for – anywhere from $100-$500 per lead.

Autodesk needed a solution that would help their demand gen team retarget contacts on important accounts, generate highly engaged mid-to-bottom of the funnel audiences, all while driving down cost per acquisition.


G2 Buyer Intent + G2 Content + LinkedIn Ads

While Autodesk was already an avid G2 Buyer Intent and LinkedIn ads user, they had yet to truly operationalize them to their full potential. Enter: the G2 integration for LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

By generating audiences in LinkedIn Campaign Manager based on their G2 Buyer Intent data for accounts, Autodesk could focus their ad investment on decision-makers at accounts who are demonstrating high payoff activities, including audiences who recently viewed their G2 profile, G2 category, or competitors’ G2 profiles. This solution would ensure ad spend would only be used on their warmest, most active accounts.

Once they narrowed their audience down to only the most likely to convert, Autodesk doubled down on their strategy by investing in LinkedIn Sponsored Content featuring G2 content, which gave them predesigned advertising creative and copy that displayed a snapshot of their G2 reviews, ratings, and award badges.

This way, their hottest prospects would see and engage with better, more relevant content, and actually convert.


Better targeting + better content = higher lead conversion and lower CPA

The decision to leverage the G2 Integration for LinkedIn Matched Audiences allowed Autodesk to target only in-market accounts with high-quality, relevant content. By focusing their targeting with the right content to the right audiences, Autodesk was able to increase their conversion rate from 19% to 26%, and reduce their CPA by 25%.

“As a result of implementing G2’s integration to LinkedIn Matched Audiences, we saw a heavy reduction in CPA, especially in AMER and EMEA regions with the G2 matched audience segment. That reduction in CPA enabled us to scale our campaign and drive more quality, qualified leads for our sales team.”

Kyle Gainey
Pipeline Marketing Manager, Autodesk

This left Autodesk in a significantly better position than before using the integration, resulting in clearer targeting, more sales opportunities, and less money spent on acquisitions.

 For more information on how you can get started using this integration, either reach out to your G2 rep or complete the form at the bottom of this landing page and a G2 rep will be in touch shortly.

AutoDesk User Guide
Data Walk-Through

Find out which buyers are currently on your profile or researching your competitors, and get in front of them. Get on a free data tour with one of our experts.

AutoDesk User Guide
Data Walk-Through

Find out which buyers are currently on your profile or researching your competitors, and get in front of them. Get on a free data tour with one of our experts.

G2 Buyer Intent + LinkedIn Matched Audiences Discover how Autodesk used G2 Buyer Intent and LinkedIn Matched Audiences to improve their lead conversions and reduce their total cost-per-acquisition with this comprehensive user guide.
Aubyn Casady Aubyn Casady is a former Principal Product Marketing Manager at G2.

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