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Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software: What You Need to Know

January 24, 2017

Desktop publishing software helps companies create their own high-quality marketing materials. 

Reports, advertisements and newsletters can be printed on an in-house printer, removing the wait time incurred by engaging a printing company to do the job.

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Desktop publishing software

This is just one of the many benefits of using desktop publishing software. Consider the additional benefits below before investing in a product.

 Let's look at each of these benefits in more detail!

Lower marketing and printing costs

It is cheaper to use desktop publishing software to print everyday marketing materials than to use a third-party printing company. The design process is less expensive because companies don't have to pay vendor staff members for costly graphic design work. Desktop publishing software enables companies to do that. For companies that rely on a lot of printed materials, investing in a better printer that can accommodate various sizes of projects typically pays for itself in a short time.

More professional layouts

Many companies rely on simple templates from word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, or on what's available through their printing vendor. The problem with using these templates and layouts is that they are in high demand, so many other companies use them, too. This makes it difficult to create a memorable and professional campaign that helps a company to stand out from its competition. When a company uses desktop publishing software, it has a wider range of templates at its disposal. The company can even create a one-of-a-kind template that best reflects its needs.

More customization available

If a company finds a design that's almost perfect for what it needs or had envisioned, it can customize it easily using desktop publishing software. This may mean the layout is slightly modified or information found at the bottom of the printed page is different. Companies don't have to settle for the format they find in a template; they can simply make changes. In fact, they can customize every file to be what they want, even if the change is small.

In-house templates and designs

Many companies strive to create a brand instead of one-off marketing materials. When marketing professionals use desktop publishing software, they can work with an existing template or design. This is easier than constantly having to create new versions of marketing materials. Also, using an updated or modified newsletter or advertisement template is a great way to create brand identity and recognition with customers.

Easy-to-make revisions

If a company moves and needs to change an address on a frequently re-printed advertisement, or if a price is outdated, it is easy to make a revised version using desktop publishing software. This saves time that would otherwise be spent having a graphic designer reset the whole piece, and it is also less expensive. Companies that print marketing materials in-house are able to keep less in inventory and can simply print out the new version when it comes time to work on a new advertisement.

Is desktop publishing software for your business?

Desktop publishing software can save companies money, time and hassle by eliminating the use of third-party print shops and online vendors. For companies that routinely use printed materials and have the capacity to learn a new software program, investing in desktop publishing software is a logical step. Compare the cost of the software against the costs of outsourcing printing to see if it makes sense for your enterprise.


Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software: What You Need to Know Desktop publishing software helps companies create their own high-quality marketing materials. Here are the top ways it can benefit your business.

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