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Yoni Solomon

Yoni Solomon is the Director of Product Marketing at G2. (he/him)

Case study

Yellowfin Sees a 20% Conversion Rate from Leads to Opportunities with G2 Compare Report

A success story about how one of our customers, Yellowfin, improved conversion rates of their...

Case study

DialogTech Closes Six-Figure Deal with G2 Buyer Intent Data

A success story about how one of G2’s customers, DialogTech, made the most of Buyer Intent data...

Case study

G2 Review Booth Changes the Game for Oracle Analytics

A success story about how one of our customers, Oracle Analytics Cloud, increased reviews for...

Case study

Looker Achieves 6x Average CTR Promoting Their G2 Grid Report on LinkedIn

A success story about how one of our customers, Looker, improved conversion rates of their ideal...


Negative Reviews Positively Impact Your Brand’s Perception, Product, and G2 Profile

Let’s face it, whether it’s a movie you liked, a project you worked on, or even something you...


Your B2B Software Marketing Playbook for the COVID-19 Crisis

In just a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has evolved into one of the century’s most disruptive events.

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