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Piper Thomson

Piper is a former content associate at G2. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, they graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in Sociology. Their interests include podcasts, rock climbing, and understanding how people form systems of knowledge in the digital age. (they/them/theirs)


How to Create Breathtaking Podcast Cover Art Sure to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

A specter is haunting the face of the iTunes store — the specter of bad podcast cover art.


Tackle Podcast Production With 9 Tips from the Pros

We’re all our own harshest critic.


Why You Need an RSS Feed for Your Podcast (+How to Make One)

The method of getting your podcast out to the world might not be the way you think.


What Is an RSS Feed? (+ How to Get Started)

Let us inhale the vapors of the Sacred Tree and pull back the mists of time to reveal one of the...


11 Podcast Editing Terms You Need to Know

Content is king. Show it the respect it deserves.


Understanding YouTube Demonetization and the Adpocalypse

The third horseman of the end times – the so-called ‘adpocalypse’ – has arrived in all its...


How to Record a Podcast: 4 Things You Need (+Recording Best Practices)

The moment of truth is upon us.


How to Track Changes in Word: Leave Constructive Feedback

It’s always a good idea to get a second pair of eyes on your writing.


The 5 Essential Podcasting Equipment (+Free Equipment Guide)

It’s a poor artist who blames their tools. Unless you’re making a podcast.

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