Emily Coates

Emily graduated from the University of Missouri with an English degree in 2014. Since then, she has traveled to Japan to teach English abroad and returned to school to receive a master's certification in Secondary Education. She currently resides in Chicago with her lovely wife, and continues to write.

Guest Post

Why Cause Marketing Matters (+3 Brand Examples)

What if I told you your brand has the potential to become more than just a business?

Guest Post

What Is TikTok? (The Short Video Revolution)

I didn’t think I was old. Then, I tried to learn about TikTok.

Guest Post

How to Use Transferable Skills to Land Your Dream Job

Sometimes climbing the corporate ladder means changing careers entirely.

Guest Post

What Are Micro-Moments? (+How Can Your Business Utilize Them?)

Even those of us who were around in the time before smartphones have trouble imagining life without...

Guest Post

5 Reasons Marketers Need a Social Media Strategy in 2019

In the past decade, social media has risen to be an integral part of the online experience,...

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