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Cristina Maria

Cristina Maria is a Marketing Executive at Commusoft, a job management software company, where she helps field service businesses discover the potential of digital solutions. A curious hybrid writer and marketer, you'll usually find Cristina doing what she loves most: using her work experience to produce engaging content for those looking to make the most out of their business strategies. An Asimov fan since childhood, she gets much too fired up whenever the topic of AI comes into discussion.

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What Is An SLA? Types, How to Write One, and Examples

Service providers have long struggled with the ever-changing rules of service level agreements.

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Everything You Need to Know About Customer Self-Service

Humans like to feel in control.


Learn Why Your Business Needs Contact Management Today

Storing customer information has been around since the dawn of trade, but that was a simpler time,...

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Field Service Management Software

Picture this: you’re managing a business that relies on field workers, the company is growing...

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5 Ways to Recruit for Field Service Technician Jobs

Over the lifetime of a company, managers and owners will face many challenges, but none as...

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4 Ways to Listen to the Voice of the Customer

Today’s buying process is more about creating relationships than transactions, and like any...

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