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Andrej Kovačević

Andrej is a digital marketing expert, editor at TechLoot, and a contributing writer for a variety of other technology-focused online publications. He has covered the intersection of marketing and technology for several years and is pursuing an ongoing mission to share his expertise with business leaders and marketing professionals everywhere.

Guest Post

5 Ways to Tailor Compensation to Increase Employee Retention

Right now, businesses are operating within thelongest sustained economic expansion in history.

Guest Post

How Does Virtual Reality Technology Work? (+Where It's Headed)

It might seem like virtual reality (VR) technology has only been around for a few short years.

Guest Post

How AI Can Enhance Business Lead Generation Efforts

For businesses, success or failure can be traced to a variety of factors.

Guest Post

What Is Diversity Marketing? (+How Marketers Can Embrace It)

For a long time, the marketing efforts of major brands had one big thing in common: they were...

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