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Aaron Walker

As an analyst at G2, Aaron’s research is focused on cloud, application, and network security technologies. As the cybersecurity market continues to explode, Aaron maintains the growing market on, adding 90+ categories of security technology (and emerging technologies that are added regularly). His exposure to both security vendors and data from security buyers provides a unique perspective that fuels G2’s research reports and content, including pieces focused on trends, market analysis, and acquisitions. In his free time, Aaron enjoys film photography, graphic design, and lizards.


What Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Virtually everyone has been prompted to answer a security message or input an SMS messaging code...


The State of B2B Tech 2019: European Countries

We have compiled data on Europe’s B2B tech scene and the top European Companies involved.


What Is Malware? (+9 Common Types of Malware)

Individuals and businesses alike should be perpetually concerned with threats they may face...


What Is Threat Modeling? (+Top Threat Model Examples)

Cybersecurity threats are abundant and ever-changing. That’s why threat modeling, diagramming...


What Is an SQL Server? (+5 Best Relational Databases in 2019)

Virtually every company that operates online uses some kind of database to store information.


What Does Encryption Mean and Why Is It Important?

Encryption is a bit mysterious, but it’s becoming more and more necessary in today’s tumultuous...


6 Best Free Encryption Software for 2019

Encryption software is the only line of defense protecting sensitive data from hackers in the...


What Is Encryption? An Overview of Modern Encryption Technology

Hackers and whistleblowers have made encryption a common term.


What Is Ransomware? Keys to Protection and Removal of Ransomware

Gigabytes of valuable data are stored on your laptop right now.

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