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5 Advantages of 5G Technology to Look for in 2020

January 16, 2020

5G technology is set to take over the world and herald in a new age of the internet.

With speeds up to four times faster than 4G technology, the advantages of 5G are limitless. Increased website traffic and faster download speeds are just the tip of a very big iceberg. Imagine a world where robotic surgeries are performed remotely, in real-time, and smart roadways are built to eliminate traffic deaths. With 5G coverage, the impossible is possible.

5G technology: the origin

G is for “generation,” as in next-generation wireless technology. Depending on which generation you actually grew up in, you’ve lived through 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technologies. From old-school analog cell phones to sleek smartphones, you’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. But for modern consumers, the benefits of 5G technology simply cannot be ignored.

With 5G technology being so buzzworthy and igniting a couple of turf wars, the future looks bright. While the origins of 5G cannot be explicitly nailed down, both the USA and South Korea claim bragging rights. However, there has been a definitive evolution of 5G thanks to the combined efforts of organizations like ITU, 3GPP, ETSI, and GSMA leading the pack. With an estimated $12 trillion to be earned across diverse enterprises, as spectators salivate over the hotly-anticipated 5G rollout, it’s no wonder that the race to claim “first dibs” is on! 

3G 4G and 5G speed time graphic

Info credit to Consumer Tech Association

Let’s dive into the five reasons 5G technology is taking over as the go-to generation of wireless technology in 2020 and beyond.

1. It provides fast and furious speed

We’ll be taking a look at low latency, peer-to-peer (P2P) communications, and web apps in this section.

Low latency

Known as “lag,” latency is the time between accessing an event and the response to it. Low latency is the coveted, almost instantaneous, response that makes everything from gaming to downloading videos a cinch. A large file, for example, that would take over 25+ hours to download with 3G technology takes fewer than four seconds to download with 5G.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) communications

5G will revolutionize P2P and eliminate the need for servers altogether. You’ll be able to easily transfer data between devices in a matter of seconds. Put simply, 5G will allow your peers to download just as fast as you can upload in real time.

Web apps

Whet your app-etite with 5G and indulge in instant downloads to amplify your life. Based on cloud technology, you can forego space-chomping downloads and stream on demand.

2. Autonomous car technology

In the United States alone, an estimated 37,000 people die in vehicle crashes each year. The impact is felt immediately by victims’ families and the effects can last for generations to come. Imagine a world where deaths by vehicles become obsolete. With 5G technology, it’s a possibility.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V)

5G communication makes it possible for cars linked to smart traffic management systems to exchange information such as location, speed and destination. Through omni-directional messaging, cars can alert drivers about a variety of road conditions and potential hazards ahead of time.

Safer commutes

If you commute to work every day, then you’ll appreciate just how life-changing 5G technology will be. This especially holds true if you live in larger cities like Los Angeles where 5G technology is expected to reduce traffic congestion by at least 40%. You can also look forward to smart parking, which will completely vaporize the age-old hassle of looking for a parking space and automate parking once and for all.

Collision warnings and weather alerts

With a mere 0.7 second window for a driver to react to a potential collision, the odds are tipped in favor of an accident occurring. With 5G technology making V2V communication possible, collisions can drastically be avoided. Additionally, real-time weather forecasts can alert drivers to unsafe driving conditions which will help negate weather-related traffic accidents.

3. Better gaming experiences

With an estimated $135 billion in revenue, the gaming industry is a behemoth. From die-hard wannabes to world class gamers, 5G technology is set to turn the gaming industry on its head. Low latency, to finally banish the dreaded “lag”, is just one perk gamers have long since awaited. With 5G, a whole new world of gaming is on the horizon with innumerable benefits.

Cloud gaming technology

Gamers can finally unshackle the chains of gaming consoles with 5G fueled cloud gaming technology. With cloud gaming servers, anyone can access and participate in game play whether they have a pricey gaming computer or even a simple tablet. Subscriptions for cloud gaming servers will require a monthly subscription and make gaming more accessible than ever before. Google, for example, took a giant leap into cloud gaming with the launch of subscription-based Stadia which requires a special controller to play.

Growth of mobile gaming

No longer holed up in their bedroom, or even grandma’s basement, gaming warriors can step out of the darkness and into the light with 5G advances in mobile gaming! With 5G, gaming can be taken on the go. Whether sitting on the city bus or in the dentist’s office, gamers can get their game on with mobile technology paired with a cloud gaming server. 

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Improved virtual reality

One of the downsides to virtual reality (VR) has always been the latency, or lag time, which diminishes the experience for the user. With 5G advancements, response time is whittled down to a mere couple of milliseconds. As a result, users can enjoy a real-time VR experience. The future of VR looks quite promising as more and more games are appearing on the market.

4. Robotic medical advancements

One of the most important areas that 5G technology will prove to be transformative is in the field of medicine. When it comes to matters of life and death, just a few seconds can make all the difference. 5G technology will dissolve borders and allow doctors to reach patients from every corner of the globe. The potential for medical advancements, through 5G technology, is limitless and absolutely incalculable.


Skip the trip to the doctor with 5G enabled telemedicine conferencing in real-time. Nearly everything a doctor or nurse does, from taking vital signs to even making a diagnosis, can be achieved through telemedicine. Patients can save time, money and be seen sooner with 5G technology. The elderly, and especially people who are disabled, can benefit greatly by seeking medical treatment from their own homes.

AI diagnostics

No longer a far-fetched fiction portrayed in a sci-fi Hollywood flick, artificial intelligence (AI) is now a fact with 5G. In the healthcare field, AI has big potential to diagnose and heal human beings. Powered by the low latency of 5G technology, AI diagnostics can detect diseases in human beings and provide real-time analytics which are vital when treating illnesses. With just a smartphone app, healthcare is more easily accessible.

Robotic surgeries

Prior to advances in 5G technology, remote surgeries were risky business and an impossible undertaking due to the obvious dangers. However, it’s a whole other ballgame with 5G tech reducing latency to two milliseconds. Soon, surgeons will be able to perform robotic surgeries from thousands of miles away as if they’re standing right in the operating room with the patient. Life-saving procedures and emergency surgeries can be performed from anywhere in the world – remotely – with the assistance of 5G.

5. Evolution of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is best summed up as ordinary objects that have been made “smarter” via technology. Smart trash cans that track the things you throw away so you can automate re-ordering them online and smart-locking doors are just a couple of IoT innovations that are already taking the world by storm. With 5G advancements, these sought-after IoT advancements are only going to get better and faster.

Doorbell cameras

As with other IoT technologies, 5G does more than just improve the quality of the product. It changes the entire experience. With low latency and faster speeds, 5G-backed doorbell cameras will be able to record crystal clear video and transmit it in milliseconds.

Alarm systems

Whether private or public, 5G will revolutionize alarm systems so that all the processes happen quickly and without delay. In the blink of an eye, a 5G-supported alarm system will alert authorities in real-time to protect property and safeguard lives. The stability and speed in which 5G alarm systems are operated will change the face of the security industry. 

Fitness trackers

While the speed of 5G won’t make a huge impact on fitness tracker use, the low latency will make syncing instant and the exchange of other data much faster. Health enthusiasts and weekend warriors will no longer have to wait for vital fitness data to update! With 5G, they’ll have the power of real-time data to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

5G isn't far away now 

Get up to speed on 5G, which has the potential to alter the course of human history and change life as we know it. Human beings can work smarter, live longer and change the very fabric of world history with the power of 5G in the palms of our hands. 

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5 Advantages of 5G Technology to Look for in 2020 Learn what advantages moving from 4G to 5G technology will bring to the average consumer as well as our everyday lives as we know it!
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