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How to Create a Stellar Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

September 12, 2019

Landing pages can be your business’s greatest boon or a complete waste of time.

Often, businesses will resort to using landing page services to quickly throw together a webpage without expending too much in the way of time and labor. These pages tend to wind up being an unfocused mess that get few views and even less conversions.

Luckily, you don’t need to invest in expensive and time-consuming training to create a landing page that will get you the leads you need for your business to grow and thrive.

How to create a landing page

Like most things, the key to creating valuable landing pages comes down to one thing: a thought-out strategy. If you are careful about the ways in which you approach the online presence for your products and services, you can see massive return on investment without having to spend ludicrous amounts of money hiring outside help.

At the end of the day, no one knows your business as well as you do. By using these five tips, you can easily turn that knowledge into a killer landing page, tangible results, and momentum.

1. Have an eye-catching value proposition

The key to a successful landing page isn’t how pretty it looks or how many high-tech features are included. When someone visits a landing page for a business product or service, they are looking for a solution to a problem. It’s your job as the creator of the landing page to help them find it. That, at its core, is the essence of your value proposition: what your audience learns from their visit to your landing page.

unique value proposition

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as sticking your $100+ product at the bottom of the page with a big glowing “buy now!” button. Landing pages aren’t a good way to make a direct sales pitch. Instead, focus on gathering leads and subscribers by offering them an immediate bit of value for the time they took to come visit your website.

Something like an exclusive eBook, downloadable guide, or video course that will help your audience deepen their understanding of the problems they face and find the solution offered by your business. This will make the eventual sales call much more productive than a vague promise of content down the line.

Creating an audience persona can be a valuable strategy in crafting the most relevant message for your landing page. Understanding the wants, needs, and frustrations of your prospects can go a long way to eliciting an emotional response that will translate to higher conversions.

2. Streamline the user experience

Because offering solutions is what drives conversions, you want your product or service to be at the forefront of your webpage. The copy you choose to reflect this should be succinct and focused without extraneous fluff that could distract from your message and leave prospective clients in a state of confusion.

Long landing pages are perfectly fine — in some cases, they’re even necessary — so long as the reader has a clear line of sight to the value proposition of your page.

3. Vary your content

One of the worst things you can do is present a prospect with an unbroken wall of text.

Invest in other forms of digital media such as infographics, videos, or even podcasts to help drive the message home. Not only does this increase the visual appeal of the page, but it also drastically increases the accessibility of your message. Not everyone likes to consume their information through the written word. It can also open the door for some differently-abled consumers to learn about your offering, which is just good business sense.

4. Use the power of reviews

Social proof is one of the key elements a landing page can offer to help drive business leads.

Trust is in short supply in our contemporary business community, and your prospects are keenly aware that you have a vested interest in convincing them to part with their money. Therefore, the best way to build a positive rapport between your prospective consumers and your brand is through testimonials that give genuine perspectives into the solutions offered by your business.

Luckily, websites like serve as dedicated, third-party resources, to collect verified user reviews that provide holistic overviews of the products and services that are used to solve problems by millions of businesses every day.

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5. Use the best tools on the market

One of the best ways to build effective landing pages that align with your overall marketing strategy is by using marketing automation software. These tools includes services to allow you to collect prospect information in a centralized location that can then be used to inform newsletters, event invitations, and more. G2 has an entire category dedicated to this branch of products and has collected hundreds of real user reviews to give the most accurate picture possible:

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Converting the best, leaving the rest

The work required to create a strong landing page doesn’t need to be time-intensive or prohibitively expensive. As long as you work smart and make use of the tips provided in this article, you’re almost guaranteed to see an increase in quality conversions from your landing page to your business.

Want to learn more about ways you can use marketing automation software? Check out our guide on mass email marketing today!

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