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...who happen to be women.

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What started as a simple post on LinkedIn....



Ended with a comprehensive list of experts you can ask to speak at your next event.

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It's time we empower the women around us to reach theirs

Next time you’re looking for people to sit on a panel or present at your event, start here...


This is an ever-growing list of potential conference speakers… who just happen to be women.

Using this list will help the tech community create more balanced, informative, and representative panels. Because diversity drives innovation — and that’s what our work is all about.


If you (or a stellar woman you know) deserve to be on this,
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Professional Women




Cities Represented
Name Position Company City Specialty LinkedIn
Kat Samardzija Founder LockerLifestyle Allendale, Michigan Entrepreneurship
Kelsey Cohen Director of Marketing Bloomscape Ann Arbor, Michigan Marketing
Barbara Giamanco Women in Sales Podcast Host Atlanta, Georgia Sales
Jennifer Davis Head of Product Marketing Management, Training and Certification Amazon Web Services Atlanta, Georgia Marketing
Kristen Wendel Director, Marketing ABM Atlanta, Georgia Marketing
Kreya Kadam Owens DemandGen Lead OneTrust Atlanta, Georgia Demand Generation
Jasmine (Maleknia) Atherton Social Media & Content Delta Airlines Atlanta, Georgia Marketing
Claire Suellentrop Co-founder Forget the Funnel Atlanta, Georgia Marketing
Margaret Weniger Mentor #GirlsClub Atlanta, Georgia Sales
Maru Nihoniho Founder and Managing Director Metia Interactive Auckland, New Zealand Entrepreneurship, Leadership

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