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Winning by Design Maximizes Reviews on G2 to Close Big Deals

July 16, 2020

Winning by Design G2 reviews
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A success story about how one of our customers, Winning by Design, made the most of their G2 Profile to capture verified reviews from their customers as a way to close more deals.

Customer profile:

Winning by Design

Winning by Design helps software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and other high-velocity B2B sellers design or transform their sales through consulting, training, and coaching services. Winning by Design has a proven high-velocity and customer-centric selling methodology that encompasses prospecting, winning, and growing, and the organization is trusted by more than 150 B2B and SaaS companies worldwide.

Business need:

Winning by Design sought to accelerate the organic, word-of-mouth growth of its customer base in the highly competitive market for services to SaaS companies. The challenge was to find new ways to engage with potential customers using a third-party platform that offers curated and authenticated reviews and feedback.


Verification was essential to ensure the integrity of the information shared and to help users learn from the experiences of others. This led Winning by Design to partner with G2 and its platform of in-depth verified user reviews on their business profile, which offer a “real-world laboratory” for buyers with relevant experiences.


As part of its ongoing marketing strategy using G2, Winning by Design encourages customer reviews. The company asks for feedback, positive or critical, but it does not believe in paying for a review. As Winning by Design has found, many customers often volunteer to write a review with candid feedback to explain their own experiences and to help educate others.

In addition, Winning by Design utilizes many of the features offered by the G2 platform, including a customized landing page, review page, and G2 widgets. Through the G2 marketplace, Winning by Design continues to elevate its brand awareness and win new clients as it interacts with potential customers and procures insights from G2 data.



ROI with six months of engagement with G2.


The number of reviews of the nearest competitor.


Winning by Design improves credibility and closes deals

Thanks to exposure on the G2 platform and its detailed, candid reviews, Winning by Design was able to capture the attention of a major prospect for its services. The platform provided by G2 gave Winning by Design the introduction it needed to engage with this company. At the time of this deal, Winning by Design had more than 70 reviews on its G2 profile, with an average rating of 4.8 stars—14 times the number of reviews of its nearest competitor.

Not surprisingly, soon after initial contact, the new client was sold on Winning by Design’s services, and the company found itself with an ROI of 1,567% within six months of working with G2.

Of the experience, Founder and Managing Partner of Winning by Design, Jacco vanderKooji, said," G2’s authenticated reviews help educate potential clients. We see this as essential to helping us move our business forward as we pursue organic growth. This is an approach that works."

"A significant new account would not have been won if not for our stellar reputation and fair critiques from customers featured on G2.”

Jacco vanderKooji
Founder and Managing Partner, Winning by Design

Winning by Design found other benefits to working with G2, including a customer-centric approach to providing references.

Existing customers write a single G2 review for Winning by Design, instead of being asked to speak with multiple potential new clients to provide references. New prospects can then be directed to these reviews on G2. The reviews also capture “best practices” shared among customers for how to work most effectively with Winning by Design.

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