9 Ways to Use iPads for Your Business

August 23, 2019

It's important to always use the latest technology to streamline your business and increase interaction with customers.

When speculating on the future, it’s difficult to see what technological developments will completely change an industry. It’s no surprise, as the most revolutionary changes go after fundamentals most people don’t even think to question.

Despite this, over recent years, there has been a huge influx of tools that are rapidly changing our day-to-day lives. One such invention is the tablet, which not so long ago was only part of our lives through science fiction films and TV shows. 

9 ways to utilize iPads for your business

The versatility of an iPad lends itself to a lot of different business applications, nine of the best we’ve covered below.

Through creative thinking and smart applications, you’re able to improve customer experience and make internal processes more efficient. Keep reading to find out some of the most effective uses we’ve come across.

1. Point of sale (POS)

iPads can complete tasks that usually need bigger, heavier, and more expensive equipment – like a cash register. As a point of sale (POS) system, the iPad lets you take mobile payments from anywhere.

For example, have you ever been to a market, and when you go to pay, the person serving you simply hands you a tablet and asks you to sign on the screen? Or maybe they’ve asked you to tap your card on a mobile payment device and log it through their tablet?

This is a POS system at its finest. Simple to set up, lightweight to transport, and effortlessly sleek.

There are a few ways you can set up your iPad as a POS system. Downloading a POS app allows you to add inventory through a touchscreen or scanner. With a magnetic card reader, you can accept credit card payments. Some card readers easily fit into the audio jack, and that's the only set up they need. You can also email receipts or print them with a wireless printer. 

TIP: Sound appealing? Browse the best POS software solutions available and see which one fits your company's needs. 

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2. Effortless event check-in and registration

Registering and checking people in doesn’t need to be stressful or take forever.

By thinking ahead, you can use tablets to prevent long lines and annoyed guests. It’s not the most glamorous, but event check-in ease is vital to a successful event. Make the process more efficient, and you’ll have happy guests who have more time to explore the event or exhibition they came to attend.

3. Lead capture and market research with surveys

Turn your kiosks into a head-turning user station with custom branding. Their high visual impact makes them great for displaying content in key areas of the event alongside retrieving information from attendees.

One option is to leave the kiosk unattended and let customers navigate it themselves.

Another option is to have staff members nearby that can help attendees use the system and retrieve specific information they are trying to source. The primary research is then stored digitally. From here, you can collate, filter, and prioritize the data – a process incomparably simpler than if you had hundreds of different pieces of paper.

4. Get your audience involved

Whether a speech at a conference, a pitch to a client, or an internal meeting, engage your audience wherever possible.

With an iPad, you can transform live meetings into dynamic experiences. Features such as interactive polling, surveys, and slide sharing can all be inserted into presentations. Using these functions will increase engagement and improve the chances your message will be received clearly.

Also, depending on the type of interaction you employ, utilizing audience response software allows you to gather customer data analytics from the event to improve and learn from for next time.

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5. Go paperless

Reduce the amount of paper you have to deal with and have a positive effect on the environment.

For events, consider providing maps, brochures, and other materials directly through iPads. For internal meetings with staff, load all documents and information onto iPads as PDFs.

With a registration system, paperless check-in becomes easy. Event staff can simply check guests in with an app downloaded onto the tablet. For events that don’t need you to personally greet guests, think about using self-check-ins; they can save a huge amount of time. Essentially, you load a registration app on the iPad and set it up in a secure stand. Attendees then log their entrance when they arrive. 

Print essential documentation

Sometimes, no matter how efficient and glossy the tablets screens are, you need good old fashioned paper.

Perhaps you need handouts to provide information, want to create badges and labels, or need materials to get creative with. Some people will require paper receipts for business purposes, simply print receipts on-demand with a wireless mobile printer to satisfy these needs. 

6. Make a game of it

Gamification is the process of applying elements of games onto non-game contexts. It’s a big industry and a great way to engage people visiting your store.

By utilizing gamification software, you can deliver information in a unique way that incentivizes people to learn more and engage with your brand. There are apps available to download that will help with the creation and management of this process.

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7. Digital signage

Digital signage ramps up traditional advertising strategies with dynamic images, videos, and crafty attention-grabbing techniques to address your audience directly. It’s easy to change the branding, and you don’t have to dispose of any old or misprinted posters. 

By matching your tablet with a stand or wall mount, you can position the message in the most effective location.

If you have a larger tablet model, consider attracting the attention of passers-by with interactive catalogues, maps, and menus to browse. 

8. Interactive menus and ordering

iPads are amazing for restaurants that always have to reprint menus and wine lists. Instead, update the menus digitally and don't pay for reprinting.

Consider placing tablets onto bars or tables for guests to read your menu at their own pace. There are options to design the menu yourself or build one in an app that will help do the difficult aspects of a build. 

To go one step further, allow guests to place orders from their tablets straight to the kitchen. This makes a more efficient system for those concerned about leaving their guests waiting too long before ordering. This added efficiency can increase the number of tables turned over in an evening, offering the potential of more profit too!

9. Customer self-service

Create a welcoming and efficient customer service system to keep people happy and coming back. Tablets can provide amazing assistance, supplementing the efforts of existing employees.

For example, if a customer wants to know if a product is in stock, what sizes there are, or just further information on a product, they can find out at their own pace and without the aid of an employee thanks to the assistance of contact customer self-service software

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Also, by placing well-labeled tablet kiosks in easily accessible areas, customers will still get all the required information they need to make a purchase. Just make sure that FAQs as well as other important product information are loaded onto the devices.

iPads, revolutionizing business processes bit-by-bit

There is a whole range of ways iPads can improve the experience within your workspace or business. As long as you have an open mind, a bit of creativity, and the resources available, they can be a real business aid.

Whilst the initial outlay can sometimes be quite high, effectively using them will see a return on the initial investment through both times, ease, and an increase in sales.

Want to improve your overall reach? Find the optimum customer service software that you can download to your iPad for better engagement and positive feedback. 

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