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80 Must-Read Social Media Statistics

January 14, 2019

Social media is now a major source of news and information, and there’s no going back from here.

It is evident that there is an overload of new content every day. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd when you simply put yourself out there. Substantial brand awareness and engagement from social media requires time and planning.

While it takes some effort to get significant results with any strategy, having the proper knowledge and tools gives you all the ammo you need to be on the right track. Being aware of the potential to grow your brand through social media means you’re already going in the best direction.

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Here is a compiled list of facts and statistics on the top platforms, including:

Use these social media stats to gain insights and maximize your results from these powerful marketing tools.

Social Media Statistics

  1. There are over 3 billion people using social media, and the number increases every year (Smart Insights, 2018).
  2. Every second, there are 11 new people that use social media for the first time (Skyword, 2018).
  3. About 90% of marketers noticed their social marketing efforts increased exposure (Ignite Visibility, 2018).social media stats
  4. In 2016, $40 billion was spent on advertising via social media channels (Brandwatch, 2018).
  5. 75% of marketers noticed that social marketing increased their traffic (Ignite Visibility, 2018).
  6. Social media users aged 55 and older are twice as likely to engage with brands online (Brandwatch, 2018).
  7. Worldwide, 47% of adults believe that social media is an effective channel for customer service, while 53% do not (Statista, 2018).
  8. Social media budgeting for advertising doubled from 2014-2016 (Hootsuite, 2018).
  9. 48% of Americans have interacted with companies and institutions through social media at least once (Fotor, 2019).
  10. 63% of marketers found social media to be useful for building a loyal fanbase (Bluecorona, 2017).
  11. 78% of businesses have dedicated teams for managing their social media (Digital Marketing Institute, 2019)

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Facebook Statistics

  1. Facebook is the world’s third most-viewed website in the world, with Google taking first position and Youtube coming in second (World Economic Forum, 2017).
  2. 74% of American Facebook users visit the site at least once a day (Pew Research, 2018).
  3. 43% of adults in the U.S. get their news on Facebook (Statista, 2018).social media usage
  4. Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide as of April, 2018 with 2.2 billion users (Smart Insights, 2018).
  5. Facebook’s most popular fan pages in 2018 were Facebook (213 million), Samsung (159 million), and Cristiano Ronaldo (122 million) (Statista, 2018).
  6. Facebook users aged 65 and over has doubled to 41% since 2012 (Ofcom, 2017).
  7. Facebook videos that are mobile optimized increase brand awareness by up to 67% (Facebook, 2018).
  8. 1.3 million pieces of content are shared every minute of every day on Facebook (JeffBullas, 2018).
  9. Women make up 74% of Facebook users, while men are at 62% (WebSiteHostingRating, 2019).
  10. Of the entire worldwide population, 22% use Facebook (Wordstream, 2018)
  11. 92% of users reported Facebook meets their ease of use requirements for marketing their business on the platform. ('s Facebook statistics, 2019)
  12. In the wake of recent security issues on Facebook, 54% of users have adjusted their privacy settings to be more secure. (Digital Marketing Institute, 2019)

Instagram Statistics

  1. Instagram is the 2nd most common social media platform used by marketers worldwide as of 2017 (Statista, 2018).
  2. Using hashtags in your posts increases engagement up to 12% (Hootsuite, 2018).
  3. 60% of users learn about new products on Instagram (AdEspresso, 2018).social media usage statistics
  4. 50% of businesses post regularly on Instagram Stories (Instagram, 2017).
  5. 75% of social media influencers believe that Instagram is the best avenue for influencer marketing strategies (Ignite Visibility, 2018).
  6. There are over 1 million advertisers on Instagram since the platform opened to advertising in 2015 (Brandwatch, 2018).
  7. Instagram has an interaction rate higher than any other social platform (Forbes, 2017).
  8. 6 out of 10 Instagram users are aged 18-to-29 (Wordstream, 2018).
  9. Most popular Instagram hashtags are; #love, #instagood, #fashion, #photooftheday, #beautiful (Influencer Marketing Hub).
  10. 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily (Wordstream, 2018).

Twitter Stats

  1. Tweets with images can receive 150% more retweets than ones without (AgoraPulse, 2017). social media statistics
  2. Including hashtags receives a 16% boost in retweets (Twitter, 2014).
  3. Twitter had 326 million users in 2018 (Brandwatch, 2018).
  4. Teens and young adults in the U.S. had 40% reach on Twitter in 2017 (Twitter, 2018).
  5. There are 67 million Twitters users in the U.S. (SMRA Global, 2018).
  6. 500 million people visit Twitter without logging in every month (Brandwatch, 2018).
  7. 80% of Twitter users are on mobile (Omnicore, 2018).
  8. 43% of Twitter users have never posted a Tweet (Slash Gear, 2014).
  9. The majority of Twitter users are between 25-to-34 years old. The second largest age group is 35-44 year olds (Statista, 2018).
  10. 63% of Twitter users use their smartphones as their main Tweeting source (Your Escape From 9 to 5, 2016).

LinkedIn Stats

  1. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content (Klick, 2015).social media platforms
  2. LinkedIn drives over half of social traffic to B2B blogs and sites (Ignite Visibility, 2018).
  3. 79% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads (Hootsuite, 2018).
  4. Every second, there are two new members on LinkedIn (LinkedIn, 2017).
  5. The U.S had the leading number of LinkedIn users at 150 million followed by India at 52 million and China at 44 million (Statista, 2018).
  6. The majority of LinkedIn users are aged 25-to-44 (Statista, 2018).
  7. CEOs have an average of 930 connections on LinkedIn (Brandwatch, 2018).
  8. 50% of LinkedIn users have a college education (Statista, 2018).
  9. Profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more views (LinkedIn, 2017).
  10. 60% of internet users who use LinkedIn have an annual household income of $100K or more (Statista, 2018).

YouTube Stats

  1. 18% of Americans get their news on YouTube (, 2017).
  2. YouTube is the number one streaming service for music videos worldwide (Statista, 2018).
  3. 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos via online platforms, like YouTube, instead of on TV (Google, 2016).
  4. YouTube is available in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the internet population (Brandwatch, 2018).
  5. There were 1.5 billion monthly users on YouTube as of June 2017 (Business of Apps, 2018).
  6. YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-49 than any broadcast or cable TV network (Google, 2016).
  7. 37% of users watch YouTube several times a day on their mobile devices (YouTube, 2018).
  8. Over 1 billion hours are watched on YouTube per day (Business of Apps, 2018).
  9. Google purchased YouTube in October, 2006 for $1.65 billion (NBC news, 2006).
  10. 50% of viewers on YouTube use it to learn new things (Digital Information World, 2018)social media marketing stats
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Snapchat Stats

  1. 64% of marketers have a Snapchat account (Adweek, 2017).
  2. In the U.S. and Canada combined, there are over 100 million Snapchat users (Omnicore, 2018).
  3. Snapchat is the most important platform among teenagers (Business Insider, 2018).
  4. 64% of users worldwide use it to send messages (Statista, 2017).
  5. 40% -to -60% of daily Snapchat users will see a nationally delivered geo-filter (Smart Insights, 2018).social media marketing
  6. Snapchat has 186 million daily active users (Snapchat, 2018).
  7. Snapchat ranks 6th in most popular app in the U.S. (99Firms, 2018).
  8. 51% of users worldwide use Snapchat to send a photo Snap (Statista, 2017).
  9. About 70% of Snapchat users are female (Omnicore, 2018).
  10. Users are on Snapchat over twenty times per day, creating 3 billion Snaps daily (Snapchat, 2018).

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Pinterest Stats

  1. 78% of users utilize Pinterest to support a company or brand (UMass).social network
  2. The most popular Pinterest categories are Art, Art Supplies, & Hobbies for women and Entertainment (Books, Music, etc.) for men (Statista, 2017).
  3. 63% of Pinterest users say it help them find new products to buy (Millennials on Pinterest, 2017).
  4. Two-thirds of Pins represent brands or products (Millward Brown, 2015).
  5. 59% of Pinterest users are female and 32% are male (Statista, 2017)
  6. There are over 75 billion Pins (Pinterest, 2018).
  7. 86% of millennials use Pinterest to plan for life events (Millennials on Pinterest, 2017).
  8. 80% of all users are on mobile (Pinterest, 2018).
  9. Over half of Pinterest users are international (Pinterest, 2018).
  10. There are 250 million users on Pinterest (Pinterest, 2018).

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This information should generally serve to gain an understanding in your social media marketing strategy.

These social media facts make it clear that it’s important to use social platforms to their fullest potential when you want to grow your brand and stay relevant to your audience.

There are endless opportunities and possibilities that you can create, and don’t forget- your competition is on social media, too. Use the top-rated social media marketing software to see where you are getting the most engagement and what your audience wants as you build your social media plan.

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