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7 Best Single Sign On Solutions in 2020

June 16, 2020

So you think your enterprise team needs a single sign on solution. But first, what is SSO compared to other popular identity management tools such as federated identity management or password management?

What is a single-sign on provider?

A single-sign on, or SSO, allows professionals to use one single login and password (or other means of authentication, such as a smart card) across an organization to access many different systems.

Federated identity management is similar, but slightly different. This allows for a single sign on solution but for multiple organizations or enterprises.

General password manager tools that allows users to store their passwords in a password bank that automatically signs into different systems for them. A password management tool gives users the ability to have a master password and stay up to date on the most secure general password protection practices.

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Many times, the types of organizations that are looking to implement an SSO solution are enterprise companies. Enterprises have multiple systems but have a much more focused IT department on overall security.

If it’s time for your enterprise to look for a single sign on tool, we’ve put together seven best SSO solutions ranked based upon real-user satisfaction. Below is a graph featuring sign sign on products based on enterprise-user Satisfaction, May 12, 2019.

What are the best single-sign on solutions in 2020?

Here is a more in-depth look at the 7 single sign on solutions for enterprise based on real-user reviews in 2020.

* Below are the leading SSO software solutions from G2’s Spring 2020 Grid® Report. Some reviews may be edited for clarity. 

1. Okta

Okta acts as more than just a single sign-on solution, but it’s a great tool for SSO nonetheless. It has the most SSO reviews of any product in the category. The tool gives users access to many different applications on any device, integrating with over 4,000 apps. The added security of the two-factor authentication protects business data, gives software access to the correct employees, and gives peace of mind to customers and clients.

What users like:

"The greatest aspect about Okta is that all applications the staff will use are conveniently viewed. Administrators also have the choice to restrict the exposure to applications, thus ensuring only the most appropriate devices for your employees."

- Okta Review, Tim D.

What users dislike:

"I dislike that there was not much provided documentation and tools for implementing an Okta login for applications, especially legacy ones that use older technologies. So a lot of trial and error was done to finally get things working."

Okta Review, Mike A

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2. Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace is a digital workspace that allows users to work anytime, anywhere. A feature of this unified workspace is a SSO solution that integrates directly with existing systems and syncs across your devices. Citrix users say the solution is easy to use and intuitive.

What users like:

"Work anywhere, anytime on any device. All applications can be accessed regardless of device capabilities. Working on a Mac and transitioning to a Windows desktop is extremely smooth. Can be deployed across public and private cloud allowing users to do work without clogging up their personal device with big bulk files."

- Citrix Workspace Review, Kirk M.

What users dislike:

"The procedure to log-in is quite long than what a user expects it to be since it uses a virtual server for logging into a remote system for providing the organizational services. Also, the session timing is very small and we need to sign-in almost every time we open it."

Citrix Workspace Review, Sayed Z.

3. Duo Security

Duo Security's platform protects its users and their data and applications from a potential breach. The SSO software verifies the identity of users and the devices being used before allowing access to the connected apps. Logging in is simple and supports required third party authentication technologies. Duo Security offers multiple authentication types including SMS-based, voice-based, email-based, mobile-push, biometrics, and others.

What users like:

"The push MFA capability on your phone or watch is great compared to using a token or sms verification. Duo Restore is also a serious time saver when you get a new mobile device and need to transfer all of your MFA tokens to that device. The ability to selectively enforce MFA based on location or other criteria is also loved by our end users. The admin console gives you great insight into the devices connecting to your network, OS versions, etc."

- Duo Security Review, Ben C.

What users dislike:

"Although this increases security, it is very hard to verify user when you lose your mobile device. It has to verify by a push through app, a code through the app, or mobile phone number."

Duo Security Review, Kelly L.

4. OneLogin

OneLogin is a SSO solution that is simple to use with its one-click access. It can connect users to enterprise cloud and on-premises applications. OneLogin allows the admin to have completely control to change roles and access to certain applications in real time.

What users like:

"We use OneLogin for team and client login. We can all log into apps we share without anyone knowing the password. Before OneLogin, I had to change the password every time someone left. It was a nightmare! I also log the security of knowing when someone is logging into our systems."

- OneLogin Review, Pamela C.

What users dislike:

"I have a strong password pattern and I memorize every single one I create. One I put them into OneLogin, it just seemed like when I wanted to sign into something, it would redirect me there, take a while to load, sometimes have me enter the password again, and then bring me to the page I wanted. It just seemed unnecessary but I can see why companies use it to require employees to be more careful with sensitive company information."

OneLogin Review, Jackie G.

5. LastPass

LastPass is a single sign on solution that helps businesses with security, compliance, and identity management. The tool offers additional features such as multifactor authentication and password management to help users use a variety of applications in one place.

What users like:

"Navigation between all its functions is quite fluid, the transition between windows and views is very fast so it gives the feeling of being a software which is very well developed and structured along its entire features. The free version is more than enough for regular users who need to securely their credentials, website accounts and everyday app's private details, so anything you want to be kept private can be stored inside Lastpass. Support from different platforms makes this software very flexible and productive."

- LastPass Review, Richard M.

What users dislike:

"The software is buggy. I often share a password yet my team members cannot log in, or the password I share comes across blank. We often have to delete the password share then re-share it."

- LastPass Review, Jason B.

6. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager uses an encrypted vault to reduce the risk of a potential data breach. The tool gives businesses the ability to auto-generate high-strength passwords to protect their assets. Keeper Password Manager also allows users to securely share assets with others.

What users like:

"The ease of managing all of my passwords in one simple application. I use Keeper to store and manage all of my credentials, including using it to suggest strong, unique passwords. I use both the mobile app and browser plugins. Managing over 500 unique credentials is easy with Keeper."

- Keeper Password Manager Review, Jordan B.

What users dislike:

"The permissions side of keeper is lacking. Creating shared folders within shared folders in not allowed which creates extra steps when trying to share with specific staff or specific clients."

- Keeper Password Manager Review, Derrick M.

7. JumpCloud

JumpCloud manages and connects your users to their applications, assets, and networks. The tool gives users access to cloud-based and on-premises applications. JumpCloud users find the solution intuitive and admins say it is easy to set up.

What users like:

"Extremely user-friendly user and admin consoles, cross-platform support (Linux, Mac, Windows), self-service agent deployment for users, customizable system policies, easily manageable system access, insane number of application integrations (nearly 700!), effortless custom SAML connections, ability to remotely run custom scripts on individual systems or groups of systems, Radius-as-a-Service, phenomenal support staff, System Insights!"

- JumpCloud Review, Ken H.

What users dislike:

"We really struggled getting the product implemented. We needed a great deal of support in doing so."

- JumpCloud Review, Kelvie T.

Next steps choosing an SSO provider

There are over 180 SSO providers listed on G2, but also many other similar password protection and identity management tools.

If your team needs an SSO solution, learn more about all other identity management software solutions on G2.

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