Your software budget, well spent
We’re on a mission to help companies of all sizes make better business decisions — so they can hit their goals and reach their potential. That’s why we’re excited to announce Siftery is joining the G2 Crowd family.

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"Anyone who wants great software to perform at their best, from intern to CEO, should be able to quickly discover, buy, and manage the best technology for their business. G2 Crowd has become known as a place where you can discover and buy great software. With the acquisition of Siftery, we're now able to help businesses manage their investment and use of software."

- Godard Abel, CEO, G2 Crowd

“We’re excited to join the G2 Crowd team so we can more quickly realize our joint vision. By becoming part of the G2 family, Siftery’s technology can reach millions more people, continue to develop rapidly, and have a bigger impact around the world in helping to eliminate wasted and inefficient software spend.”

- Vamshi Mokshagundam, Co-Founder and CEO, Siftery

Cover your SaaS.

Now, in addition to helping you find the right software,
G2 can also help you optimize your SaaS spend — before and after you buy.

Automated Spend Tracking

Visualize exactly how much you’re spending on SaaS.

  • Get a comprehensive picture of your spend by integrating with top expense, invoicing, and accounting systems.
  • Identify trends by tracking every dollar your business spends on software.
  • Understand exactly how that spend breaks down across your various departments and products.
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Automated Use Reports

Learn the true value of your current software stack.

  • See exactly how much your team is using each software product in your stack.
  • Identify opportunities to consolidate accounts and licenses to avoid overlapping payments.
  • Get usage trend data through single sign-on integration across more than 40,000 products.
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Automated Savings Alerts

Get notified every time there’s a way to save money.

  • Receive real-time alerts when new products are added, spend is unexpectedly high, or there are opportunities to save.
  • Drive quick action by setting up account owners to with the-minute-it-happens notifications.
  • Create monthly summary reports to track month-over-month spend.
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Make the most of your software spend
with G2 Crowd + Siftery.

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