15 Must-Read Sales Blogs Every BDR Should Follow

April 19, 2019

Professional development is something everyone strives for.

While every person is caught up in the hustle and bustle of their daily work schedule, you’re also expected to continuously improve upon our existing skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends outside of our regular workload.

If you’re working in sales or business development, it’s important to stay sharp at all times. You never know what objection a prospect could throw at you so you always need to be prepared. Luckily it’s 2019 and the internet exists, which has countless resources to help you become a more well-rounded professional. In fact, one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your game is by reading and following blogs related to your industry.

Following a sales blog might sound simple but sometimes the smallest things are the most impactful. To help you get started, I compiled 20 of the most insightful sales blogs on the web.

15 sales blogs every BDR should follow

If you’re a business development representative, you’re used to being pressed for time. That being said, everyone needs some downtime throughout the work day.

Take 15 minutes to yourself to read a quick article that pertains to your role. It could be something that you find interesting or are curious to learn more about. You’d be surprised to learn how much a productive brain break like this could help fuel your day. If you find a blog in the list below that you feel really speaks to you, sign up for their newsletter to get regular updates straight to your inbox.

For reference, the list below is ranked in no particular order. Let’s get started.

1. Outreach

With a name like Outreach, you can guess that there’s probably a lot of quality sales content on this blog. Their articles cover a wide range of sales-related topics complete with easy-to-read guides, tips for success and even coverage of popular industry conferences.

2. John Barrows

If this name sounds familiar, it probably is. John Barrows is a world-class sales trainer that has experience training some of the top sales teams in the world. With a career spanning decades, Barrows shares his knowledge on his website through video, articles and even has a popular podcast if you prefer learning through your headphones.

3. Salesforce

This next blog truly needs no introduction. It comes from Salesforce, ever heard of them? The enterprise giant has a blog that encompasses all aspects of sales, marketing, customer service and even information technology. The section on sales is incredibly comprehensive and features guest posts from thought leaders across the industry. Additionally, their most popular posts are updated frequently to keep things fresh and current.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot’s blog hub is one of the most recognizable on the web. Their team serves up content on topics covering sales, marketing and customer service. Most notably, their articles are quick, to-the-point and informative.

5. Sales Hacker

If you’re working in B2B specifically, Sales Hacker is the spot for you. The site is dedicated to providing content geared towards sales professionals working in B2B industries. If you’re looking to learn more about different functions within sales, they even have built out topics for customer success and sales leadership.

6. Close

Blogs that are informative aren’t always fun. However, that’s not the case for the content over at Close. Most of their articles are littered with gifs, pop culture references and comic strips that can make even the stalest topic sound exciting.

7. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

These days, LinkedIn is a lot more than just a professional social network. The LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog is their hub for all things related to sales and selling. The best part is that every contributor has their profile listed on the articles they’ve written. If you read a piece that really speaks to you, you have the option to grow your professional network by connecting with them or sending a note.

8. Crunchbase

Since Crunchbase is a go-to site for all things startup and tech-related on the web, it’s no surprise that their blog is an equally as valuable hub of information. In addition to sales tips and best practices, this blog offers industry insight and trends right at your fingertips.

9. Gong

The team over at Gong offers a unique perspective in their articles because they use a lot of their own original data to come up with the findings they write about. The blog tackles out-of-the-box selling strategies and provides the reader with engaging infographics that help break down some of the more complex statistics.

10. Heinz Marketing

Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing, is an award-winning author and blogger with a career that spans nearly two decades. Matt and his team over at Heinz specialize in writing engaging, informative articles that cover all aspects of B2B sales. Additionally, they have a recurring feature where they ask industry leaders a series of questions about their work life and habits.

11. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy is a global provider of sales enablement solutions, and their blog is definitely one worth noting. Complete with articles, videos and podcasts, this hub is no joke. The majority of their content is written and produced by sales leaders across different industries, so you’re getting fresh perspectives on similar topics.

12. CloserIQ

CloserIQ is a recruitment platform designed to connect sales talent with startup companies. In addition to featuring sales tips and strategies, their blog offers a lot of great information related to sales teams in a corporate setting.

13. Ramp by InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a leading business intelligence solutions made to help high-performance sales teams do their jobs better. Their blog is updated regularly with a variety of sales topics ranging from sales operations to brand-specific case studies written for sales professionals.

14. Grant Cardone

In the world of sales and marketing training, Grant Cardone is a pretty recognizable name. Cardone is a best-selling author, sales trainer and public speaker with years of experience coaching companies of all sizes on how to grow sales. Lucky for us, he has chosen to share some of his wisdom with us on his blog, where he writes about many of the sales tips and strategies he’s formulated throughout his career.

15. InsideSales

Last but certainly not least is InsideSales, an AI-powered SaaS platform for sales teams. Their blog is a comprehensive learning hub covering all aspects of sales including cold calling, prospecting and pipeline. Additionally, readers have access to relevant downloadable assets such as e-books and cheat sheets.

Take your pick

Whether you like reading about sales strategies or want advice from industry leaders, there’s something here for everyone. Which blog on this list is the best? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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