How to Boost Pinterest Engagement with Rich Pins

September 26, 2018

When it comes to Pinterest engagement, it’s easy for your strategy to get stale.

If you’ve been looking for a way to amp up your Pinterest business page’s presence with new Pinterest marketing strategies, you may have heard about Rich Pins.

What are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are a type of Pinterest pin that shows metadata right on the Pin, which can lead to a richer experience and increased engagement on a Pinterest page.

What do Rich Pins look like?

If you’re familiar with the social media platform Pinterest, chances are good that you’ve seen Rich Pins many times before – essentially, Rich Pins are a premium version of regular Pins, which enhances their actionability for users. Essentially, a Rich Pin takes copy and content directly from your website and translates it into a single pin.

Rich pins are categorized in four ways:

Product Rich Pins

Product pins exist to make shopping easier, and include the information that Pinterest users typically seek when looking to make a purchase on Pinterest. This information includes real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy your product.

Here’s an example of a product Rich Pin:



Let’s observe a few key items. First, the price is clearly present in the top left corner – this price auto-populates in a Rich Pin, which means that if the dress was on sale, it would be reflected in the Rich Pin with no work on behalf of the brand.

Second, the Pinterest image description is exactly what’s on the product page on the website, giving a reader or Pinterest user everything they need to know if they want to make a purchase.

Finally, the link takes you directly to the page where you can buy the dress. These three components make for a more enriching Pinterest experience for users. If you think about it, Rich Pins help cut out much of the searching that would have to take place in order for a user to make the purchase decision – instead of finding out who makes the dress, if it’s available to be sold online, how much it costs, what kind of material it’s made of and what size the model is wearing for comparison, all the details are in one place.

Recipe Rich Pins

If there’s one thing Pinterest has, it’s an abundance of recipes. However, as most Pinterest users know, looking for a recipe is, at least half the time, a dead end. Pretty food pictures link to nowhere, or to a blog that’s in an untranslatable language, and before you know it you’ve spent half an hour tracking down a recipe that doesn’t even exist. By that time you’re hungry and cranky, and no one wants that.

Enter: Recipe Rich Pins, which nip this problem in the bud (for users) and help Pinterest business account holders share their recipe content.

Below, you’ll see two pins – the first is not a recipe Rich Pin.



It may lead to the recipe, or it may just be a nice picture of cookies that people think that maybe, one day, they’ll make. But you’re a business account holder, and you know that clicks need to translate to traffic, leads, or profit. That’s why the recipe Rich Pin exists. Below, you’ll see an example.



This is a great recipe Rich Pin for a few reasons. First, it’s clearly branded by the food company. There’s no question about who this recipe belongs to. Second, it’s labeled so that users can quickly decide if they’re interested (who isn’t interested in cheese and chorizo, though?) in making the recipe.

Third, there’s a great intro from the website that gets Pinterest users hungry for the recipe. And fourth (and most importantly), the recipe itself is in the body of the Rich Pin. If you click the photo, you’ll be transferred to the brand page to see even more.

Article Rich Pins

A brand like GQ is ready-make for Pinterest. It thrives on colorful visual content, and users who are highly engaged in fashion trust the GQ name. However, GQ doesn’t just provide men’s fashion inspiration, it also creates written content – articles that are generally pretty well-read and circulated. For this reason, it appears that GQ is utilizing article Rich Pins, which, again, auto-populate with the lead of the article and the main photo, and lead to the longer story.



The headline of the article is the title of the Rich Pin, and it also has a publication date and author byline.

App Rich Pins

Finally, the last type of Rich Pin is the app Rich Pin. It’s pretty simple – an app Rich Pin enables Pinterest users to download an app directly from the Rich Pin without having to go through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



How to Enable Rich Pins

I have great news – it’s completely free to enable Rich Pins, and it’s just three quick steps from start to post. First up...

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

The first step to enable Rich Pins on your Pinterest business page is to install the Yoast SEO plugin. This is the easiest way to fulfill Pinterest’s requirement to add certain meta tags to your website – the Yoast plugin does it for you. If you’ve never worked with Yoast before, it’s an SEO plugin that can help give your blog or website an extra boost on search engine rankings.

Once you download Yoast, it’s just a few more easy steps:

  1. Click on the “Social” tab in your Settings section of the back end of your website
  2. Click the Facebook tab
  3. Make sure “Add open graph meta data” is enabled

And you’re all set!

Use Rich Pin Validator

Next up, visit this link to open the Rich Pin Validator. From there, just add a link to any post on your site where it says to “enter a valid URL.”

Hit ‘Apply’ and Get Confirmed

After you’ve done the validation, you’ll get a message that will alert you that your pin has been validated. Then, click “apply now.” It may take Pinterest a few days to approve your application, but once you’re approved, your pins will all display your website name and icon. In addition, once you’ve applied for Rich Pins, any content on your site that has metadata will turn into a Rich Pin when a user saves it.

How to Disable Rich Pins

If you don’t want all content on your site to show up as Rich Pins on Pinterest, there’s an easy solution. You can simply add the following tag in the head section of your web pages.



Benefits of Using Rich Pins

By now, it should be clear that there’s very little standing in the way of turning your existing and future website content into Rich Pins that will reach a broad Pinterest audience. Not only do Rich Pins help improve the experience of Pinterest users, but they also give a much better idea to Pinners what your article, recipe, app, or product is all about. It’s basically free ad copy for your content.

Pinterest itself has invested a lot into making sure that Rich Pins are worth your time. In fact, it shared a compelling case study from the brand that will give you a quantifiable idea of what kind of outcome you could see when you enable Rich Pins.

  • 36 percent increase in website traffic
  • 51 percent conversion increase
  • 106 percent transaction increase
  • 173 percent revenue increase

If your brand creates a lot of articles, blog posts, or other written content, it’s worth your time to apply for Rich Pins to distribute the content even more widely – coupled with a compelling photo, Pinterest can help you share your article to a new audience.

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Exploring new social media marketing strategies can be time-consuming, but with a simple step like enabling Rich Pins, you can see impressive growth for your brand. If you frequently post articles, recipes, products or apps, take a few minutes to validate your pins and turn those Rich Pins into profit for your business.

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