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The 10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts in 2019

Lauren Pope
Lauren Pope  |  November 5, 2019

When I was in middle school, I stood outside a Weird Al Yankovic concert in Chicago for three hours in the rain in the hopes of meeting my favorite singer and having him sign my Poodle Hat tour shirt.

Now, if the mood ever struck me, I could send a Tweet directly to Weird Al at any given time of day and say whatever I want. I could tell him that yeah, I still know all the words to ‘That's Your Horoscope For Today’ or even tell him how ‘The Saga Begins’ was my gateway into Star Wars fandom. That’s the power of Twitter.

But Twitter has become more than just a way to connect with celebrities. It’s also used by journalists to provide updates on breaking news and has become a way for us to understand the world around us. People from every country are tweeting every day and in the process, making our world a little smaller.

With more than 321 million monthly users on the platform, that means nearly a third of all Twitter users follow Barack Obama. That’s pretty impressive! But who else ranks among the coveted top ten spots of most popular Twitter users? Some of the most popular accounts on Twitter might surprise you!

Most followed Twitter accounts

If you’re new to Twitter, you might be wondering who to follow. A good place to start could be following some of the most popular accounts on Twitter. This list highlights the most popular Twitter users to date.

Note: The numbers below were taken directly from the follower count featured on each account. All numbers are accurate as of November 4. 2019.

1. Barack Obama – 110 million followers

Former attorney and U.S. Senator from Illinois Barack Obama has more followers than any other Twitter personality. He gained a majority of his following during his tenure as the 44th President of the United States and has since used his platform to post about his family, updates from the Obama Foundation, and causes he finds near and dear to his heart.

2. Katy Perry – 108 million followers

Katy Perry is truly living a teenage dream as the most followed woman on Twitter! The five time American Music Award winner has seen many successes over her nearly 20-year career. She spends much of her time on Twitter teasing her new music, interacting with her fans, and sharing pictures of her cat Kitty Purry.

3. Justin Bieber – 107 million followers

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is no stranger to success. After being discovered at the age of thirteen, Bieber has sold more than 150 million records world-wide, making him one of the most commercially successful musical acts of all time. On Twitter, he sticks mostly to sharing updates about his music career.

4. Rihanna – 94 million followers

International best-selling recording artist turned fashion and beauty entrepreneur, it’s a wonder Rihanna has time in the day left to Tweet! When she’s not managing her mega-successful make-up and lingerie companies, she’s doing interviews for Vogue and teasing upcoming projects to her adoring fans.

5. Taylor Swift – 85 million followers

Taylor Swift has been a staple of the music industry since her eponymous debut album dropped in 2006. At the age of 29, she’s already been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and won 10 Grammys for her music. Swift is known for posting intricate teasers of upcoming projects on her Twitter account and sharing photos of her fans.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo – 80 million followers

Holding the coveted title of most followed person on Instagram, Juventus forward and Portugal national team member Cristiano Ronaldo certainly has a lot to brag about. Aside from being one of the most-followed people across multiple social media platforms, he’s also one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. He’s also the only professional athlete to crack the top 10 for most followed Twitter personalities.

7. Lady Gaga – 80 million followers

Nine-time Grammy award winner Lady Gaga has used her vocal talents to rack up numerous awards over her 20-year career. In 2019, she became the first person in history to win an Academy Award, a Grammy, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award in one year for her contribution to A Star Is Born's soundtrack. Gaga uses her Twitter account to post updates on musical projects and post more random, personal anecdotes.

8. Ellen DeGeneres – 78 million followers

Actor, comedian, day-time talk show host, and LGBTQ+ advocate, Ellen DeGeneres, has become a household name over her 30-year career. She’s the author of four books and winner of 30 Emmy awards for her work in daytime television. In 2016, DeGeneres received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from then-President Barack Obama. She uses her Twitter account to post clips from her show and share heart-warming stories from around the world.

9. YouTube – 72 million followers

The official YouTube account has the unique honor of being the only brand to have a spot in the top ten most followed Twitter accounts. What makes their account so popular is their content strategy of sharing videos and tweets from prominent creators on their own platform. And yeah, they even have more followers than the official Twitter account does by about 15 million followers!

10. Ariana Grande – 67 million followers

Former Nickelodeon star turned international pop icon, Ariana Grande is one of the most followed female celebrities on social media. Grande quickly grew a following on Twitter through her relatable style of tweeting and regular interaction with fans. While some celebrities still keep their distance on social media, Grande regularly chats with and shares photos tweeted by her adoring fans.

Other popular Twitter accounts

Though our list only provided highlights for the top ten, we figured we’d give you a few more! Here are numbers 11 through 20 for the most-followed Twitter accounts in 2019.

#11 – President Donald Trump / 66 million #16 – Britney Spears / 56 million
#12 – Justin Timberlake / 65 million #17 – CNN Breaking News / 56 million
#13 – Kim Kardashian / 62 million #18 – Shakira / 52 million
#14 – Selena Gomez / 58 million #19 – Jimmy Fallon / 51 million
#15 – Twitter / 57 million #20 – Narendra Modi / 51 million

Unlike Instagram where the most popular accounts are usually owned by celebrities and influencers, there are plenty of political figures and news organizations cracking the top 20 spots. That’s likely because Twitter was first designed as a micro-blogging site and a way to quickly share the news.

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As one of the top 10 most popular social media apps of our time, Twitter isn’t going anywhere soon. This marketplace of ideas allows users to connect with new friends, follow their favorite news sites, and stay in touch with the world at large all in one convenient location. Pretty cool, huh?

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