A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Hannah Tow
Hannah Tow  |  June 7, 2019

In our über competitive society, efficiency in the workplace means everything.

Just like Microsoft Excel hosts a variety of Excel formulas, Microsoft Word has its own set of tricks to make you more productive. If you find yourself wondering how you can perform better and faster at work, then you’ll want to take a look at these Microsoft Word shortcuts.

The Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts you have to know 

There is a substantial amount of shortcuts, and some you may have never been aware of until today, but don’t be alarmed. Use this article as your reference sheet, and come back to it as many times as you need.

Before you know it, you will be a shortcut expert and have the ones that are most useful to you in your day-to-day memorized.

TIP: These shortcuts are intended for Office 2012 and newer on Mac

Popular shortcuts

To: Press:
Undo the last action Control + Z or COMMAND + Z
Cut text Control + X or COMMAND + X
Copy text Control + C or COMMAND + C
Paste text Control + V or COMMAND + V
Choose the Go To command Option + COMMAND + G
Open Spelling and Grammar box Option + COMMAND + L
Save As COMMAND + Shift + S
Change letters to uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case Shift + F3 
Look up selected text on the Internet COMMAND + Shift + L
 Close the window COMMAND + F4
 Shrink a selection   Shift + F8

 Find or Find and Replace 

Control + F for Find

Control + H for Find and Replace

 Open the Thesaurus   Shift + F7
 Print a document COMMAND + P or Control + P 
Add a footnote COMMAND + Option + F
Add an endnote COMMAND + Option + E
Open drawing mode COMMAND + Control + Z

Cursor shortcuts

To: Press:
Move one word to the left Option + Left arrow
Move one word to the right Option + Right arrow
Move one paragraph up COMMAND + Up arrow
Move one paragraph down COMMAND + Down arrow
Move one cell to the left (in a table)  Shift + Tab
Move one cell to the right ( in a table)  Tab
Move to the end of a line COMMAND + Right arrow or End
Move to the beginning of a line COMMAND + Left arrow or Home 
Move to the end of the document


On a MacBook keyboard: 

COMMAND + fn + Left arrow

Move to the beginning of a document


On a MacBook keyboard: 

COMMAND + fn + Left arrow 

Text editing shortcuts

To:  Press:
Copy a style COMMAND + Shift + C
Paste a style COMMAND + Shift + V
Copy text or image to the Scrapbook Control + Option + C
Move text or image COMMAND + X or  F2, then move the cursor and press COMMAND + V or F4
Create AutoText Option + F3
Insert AutoText COMMAND + Option + Shift + V
Paste special COMMAND + Control + V
Paste and match the formatting of the surrounding text  COMMAND + Option + Shift + V
Delete one word to the left  COMMAND + Delete
Delete one word to the right COMMAND + COMMAND

Alignment and format shortcuts

To:  Press: 
Center a paragraph  COMMAND + E
Justify a paragraph  COMMAND + J
Left-align a paragraph COMMAND + L
Right-align a paragraph  COMMAND + R
Indent a paragraph from the left Control + Shift + M
Remove a paragraph indent from left COMMAND + Shift + M
Creat a hanging indent COMMAND + T
Remove a hanging indent COMMAND + Shift + T
Start AutoFormat  COMMAND + Option + K
Insert a nonbreaking space Option + Spacebar
Apply Normal style COMMAND + Shift + N
Apply Heading 1 style   COMMAND + Option + 1
Apply Heading 2 style  COMMAND + Option + 2
Apply Heading 3 style COMMAND + Option + 3

Text and graphics selection shortcuts

To: Press:
Select the entire document COMMAND + A
Select to the beginning of the document  COMMAND + Shift + Home
Select to the end of a document COMMAND + Shift + End
Select multiple items not next to each other  Select the first item, hold down COMMAND, then select additional items
Select one character to the right Shift + Right arrow
Select one character to the left  Shift + Left arrow
Select one word to the right Shift + Option + Right arrow
Select one word to the left Shift + Option + Left arrow
Go to the end of the paragraph  COMMAND + Shift + Down arrow
Go to the beginning of the paragraph  COMMAND + Shift + Up arrow

Line spacing shortcuts

To:  Press: 
Set line as single space  COMMAND + 1
Set line as double space  COMMAND + 2
Set line as 1.5 space COMMAND + 5
Add or remove one line of space directly before a paragraph  COMMAND + 0 

Character format shortcuts

To:  Press:
Change the font  COMMAND + Shift + F 
Increase font size  COMMAND + Shift + >
Decrease font size COMMAND + Shift + <
Increase font size by 1 point  COMMAND + ]
Decrease font size by 1 point COMMAND + [
Change the case Shift + F3
Change to all capital letters COMMAND + Shift + A
Bold text COMMAND + B
Underline text COMMAND + U 
Underline words but not spaces COMMAND + Shift + W
Double underline COMMAND + Shift + D
 Italicize text COMMAND + I
Apply strike-through formatting COMMAND + Shift + X

Special character shortcuts

To:  Press: 
Add an ellipsis Option + ;
Add the trademark symbol Option + 2
Add the registered trademark symbol Option + R
Add the copyright symbol Option + G
Add a nonbreaking hyphen COMMAND + Shift + Hyphen
Add a column break COMMAND + Shift + Return
Add a page break COMMAND + Enter
Add a line break Shift + Return
Add an empty field  COMMAND + F9

Field shortcuts

To:  Press:
Add a DATE field Control + Shift + D
Add a LISTNUM COMMAND + Option + Shift + L
Add a PAGE field Control + Shift + P
Add a TIME field Control + Shift + T
Add an empty field COMMAND + F9
Unlink a field COMMAND + Shift + 9 
Update selected fields F9
Go to the next field F11
Go to the previous field  Shift + F11
Lock a field COMMAND + F11
Unlock a field  COMMAND + Shift + F11

Outline and edit documents shortcuts

To:  Press: 
Promote a paragraph Control + Shift + Left arrow
Demote a paragraph Control + Shift + Right arrow
Demote to body text  COMMAND + Shift + N
Expand text under a heading  Control + Shift + '+'
Collapse text under a heading Control + Shift + '-'
Expand all body text and heading or collapse all body text Control + Shift + A
Show the first line of body text or all body text  Control + Shift + L
Show all headings with the specified heading level Control + Shift + <Heading level>
Go to the end of the lost of comments  COMMAND + End
Go to the beginning of the list of comments COMMAND + Home
Go to the end of a comment End 
Go to the beginning of a comment Home
Turn track changes on or off COMMAND + Shift + E
 Insert a comment  COMMAND + Option + A

Function key shortcuts

To:  Press:
Undo F1
Cut F2
Copy  F3
Paste F4
Choose the Go To command  F5
Open Spelling and Grammar box F7
Extend a selection F8
 Update selected fields F9

Take all the shortcuts you want

These handy tricks are the type of shortcuts you are encouraged to take at work! Implementing these into your daily business practice will not only make you more efficient and confident in the business world, but you will have learned valuable skills that will be useful on a variety of platforms for the rest of your career.

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