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Understanding LinkedIn Premium (Is Subscribing Worth It?)

March 27, 2019

LinkedIn is known for being one of the best places to connect with business professionals.

Whether you’re fostering a business to business relationship, finding new clients, or connecting with job posters, the website offers a variety of ways to find who and what you’re looking for. Everyone is on LinkedIn for a common goal: to connect and build their network. With the option to opt-into LinkedIn Premium, many users will at some point ask themselves if the feature is worth it. But first, what is LinkedIn Premium?

Each premium subscription speaks to a specific user. Continue reading as we explore the four premium options LinkedIn offers.

Premium Career
Premium Business
Sales Navigator
Recruiter Lite
How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?
Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Types of LinkedIn Premium subscriptions

You can break the four Premium subscriptions into two categories. Career and Business are for the average business professional, while Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite are for sales and recruiting professionals.

linkedin premium optionsSource: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Premium Career features

As the most useful for job-seekers on LinkedIn, Premium Career is a great option for those wanting to stand out to hiring managers and compare their skills to other job applicants.

premium career perks list
Upon confirming your Premium Career subscription, click the “Me” drop-down menu at the top right of the page. This is where you have access to your Premium subscription. Click on “Access My Premium”. 

linkedin profile drop down menuSource: LinkedIn

Once clicked, you’ll be directed to your Premium page. On the right sidebar, you’ll see the remaining LinkedIn InMail credits you have (which you can buy more of), the features available to you, and your billing information

overview of linkedin premiumSource: LinkedIn 

If you click on the blue links under “Your Premium features,” LinkedIn lays out how to use each feature with a short, concise blurb about each one. LinkedIn does a great job of providing all the information you need to use these features effectively.

Resume Builder

Premium Career also comes with a Resume Builder. By clicking on this link under “Your Premium features,” you’ll be able to build your own custom resume right on LinkedIn. Be sure to add all of your personal and professional information before downloading it as a PDF. 

linkedin resume builder screen

Source: LinkedIn

See who's viewing your profile

If you want to see who’s been looking at your profile, Premium Career has the scoop. On the LinkedIn Premium page, you can view your personalized insights and see who’s been looking you up. 

premium career personalized insights

Source: LinkedIn

If you click on “View all 49,” under “Your personalized insights,” LinkedIn generates a data graphic that shows the number of viewers that have visited your profile page. This may not seem like important data, but if you’re trying to grow your network and create business relationships, these metrics can help you track your progress. 

who's viewed your profile on linkedin

Source: LinkedIn

Top applicant information

If you're searching for a job, you’re also able to see positions where you’re a top applicant. While clicking on potential positions, you’ll be provided with extra information about salary and how you rank against other candidates. Whenever you decide to start hunting for your next position, Premium Career gives you details that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

information on how you compare to other candidates

Source: LinkedIn

Profile settings

Under “Premium profile settings,” you’re able to choose if you’d like your profile to be open as well as if you want to display the LinkedIn Premium badge on your profile. We suggest keeping both of these options turned on. 

linkedin premium profile settings

Source: LinkedIn

If your profile is open, you’ll be able to be reached by anyone on LinkedIn, whether you’re connected or not. It’s a good setting to keep on if you’re looking to grow your network.

Displaying the Premium profile badge is a no-brainer. You’re paying for this subscription, so let people know. The golden badge shows that you take connecting and job hunting seriously.

linkedin page with linkedin premium badge

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Premium Business features

There are only a couple of key differences between Career and Business. For starters, when you opt-into Premium Business, you’ll get 15 InMail credits instead of the 5 Premium Career allows each month. 

Browse more freely

You’ll also be able to people browse without restriction. Premium Business allows unlimited people browsing “up to the 3rd degree” which means you’ll be able to view any profile and its information if it’s within the 3rd degree of your connections.

Access to business insights

With Premium Business, you get exclusive insights into over 350,000 companies on LinkedIn. You can keep track of your competitors and view trends within your industry. 

apple business insightsSource: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator features

Sales Navigator is designed for sales professionals. With this subscription, LinkedIn will help you focus on the right people and companies, stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your accounts, and build trust with your prospects and customers.

sales navigator perk list

Source: LinkedIn

With Sales Navigator, you’ll get 20 InMail messages per month, unlimited people browsing up to 3rd degree, insights on your accounts and leads (like job changes, company growth, and so on), and the ability to see who’s viewing your profile. You’ll also be able to create custom lead lists with advanced search filters and get lead recommendations and saved leads which can help you find the right people.

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LinkedIn Recruiter Lite features

Recruiter Lite is specially designed to make recruiting easy. This subscription helps you to find the best talent, manage your potential hires in one place, and build meaningful relationships with them.

recruiter lite perk list

Source: LinkedIn

With Recruiter Lite, you’ll get a whopping 30 InMail messages per month, unlimited people browsing up to 3rd degree, advanced search filters designed for recruiting, and a look at the candidates who’ve viewed you in the last 90 days. You’ll also be able to manage your entire candidate pool in one place, track candidates, and use Smart Suggestions; a tool to help you uncover extra talent.

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

Each subscription tier has a different price tag. The costs are as follows:

Premium Career: $29.99 / month
Premium Business: $47.99 / month
Sales Navigator: $64.99 / month
Recruiter Lite: $99.95 / month

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Depending on how heavily you use LinkedIn, it’ll differ for each person. For users looking to grow their network or find their next career move, LinkedIn Premium Career or Business are worthwhile investments. If users are on LinkedIn to generate leads or search for new hires, Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite are the way to go.

The benefits of subscribing to a LinkedIn Premium plan are not always immediate. It may take time to really build out connections and develop meaningful business relationships. Using your InMail messages to reach out to peers, colleagues, or prospects can be a great way to see if subscribing to a Premium plan is worthwhile. At the end of the day, we’re all on LinkedIn to connect.

Try it for yourself

Don’t jump into things too quickly. Build out your LinkedIn profile fully before even considering going Premium. Test out a free trial and try out all the Premium features that come along with the subscription.

Not ready to commit to Premium? Check out our ultimate guide to using LinkedIn effectively to learn how to make the most of your free profile.

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