Instagram’s Horizontal Scroll Update Receives Major Backlash (Here's Why)

Jordan Wahl
Jordan Wahl  |  December 27, 2018

If you haven't heard yet, Instagram pulled a fast one this morning.

There was quite an uproar in the social media world today following an Instagram update that left users and businesses alike a little (okay, very) unhappy. Why? Instagram rolled out a major redesign on its interface – one that, according to users, isn’t user-friendly.

Instagram scroll update

What was said to be a supposed “small test” ended up being a wide roll-out of the photo-sharing app’s main feed update – an interface update replacing the traditional vertical scroll with a new horizontal scroll, similar to navigating through Instagram Stories.

instagram scroll update


This update changed the way people view their feeds, making users tap or swipe to view new content. The horizontal feed spotlights each photo – and ad – for a longer period of time, diminishing mindless scrolling and ultimately forcing people to look at one post at a time.  


The update also makes comments easier to see with just a quick scroll. 


instagram horizontal feed
instagram scroll update comments











While this update could prove to be beneficial for businesses using Instagram marketing to spotlight ads, there are downfalls to match – including less exposure in feeds and decreased engagement (beyond the newest Instagram algorithm update).

Users and businesses were quick to share their feedback on the update, causing Instagram to roll back the update as fast as they could to reduce the risk of users deleting their Instagram accounts.


instagram update backlash



With head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, jumping in to quickly explain the mistake. 



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Curious to see if Instagram moves forward with this update after all the backlash? Check back for updates on this feature soon!

Jordan Wahl

Jordan Wahl

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