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September 24, 2019

Social media takeovers, internal recruitment processes, building your first discord bot, oh my!

We’ve worked to find articles from the last two weeks that you can’t miss. We cover everything from sales, HR, marketing, design and product, and development and engineering. There’s even a few at the end that caught our eye.

30 articles you need to read this week

Ready to dive into the top articles you need to stay on top of your game for this next week? Let’s go.G2sday Roundup September 24 2019


  • Mailfloss’s team lists 15 examples of excellent gif animations that were used in email marketing campaigns.
  • Kris Gunnars identifies fives high-quality factors that contribute to Google’s quality rater guidelines on Search Facts.
  • For G2’s Learning Hub, Chintan Zalani dives into four examples of SaaS companies making use of content marketing in their overall strategy.
  • Hootsuite’s Katie Sehl gives advice on how to run a smart social media takeover on their blog.
  • Find what professional SEOs think about the current state of Google ranking factors on the Sparktoro blog.


  •’s Devin Reed provides top tips for sales leaders on how to execute a world-class pipeline review.
  • Understand how diversity in sales organizations improves performance in Karrie Lucero’s piece on Xactly.
  • John Gilman for discusses the potential future impact of AI on the sales industry.
  • Michael McGoldrick chats about the role of account-based marketing for sales on G2’s Learning Hub.
  • The Showpad team explains how to understand sales enablement and provides tools and resources to help your team work better.

Design & Product

  • The UserTesting’s blog team supplies 20 questions every product manager should ask customers about the product.
  • Julia Manoukian for G2’s Learning Hub explores how to measure the performance of your website visuals beyond brand awareness.
  • Learn about Google Search’s new feature of identifying key moments within videos in Goerge Carey-Simos’s article on WeRSM.
  • For Nielsen Norman Group’s blog, Kate Kaplan and Kara Pernice break down three common models for UX team organization and how to choose which works best for your organization.
  • On UXBooth, Matt Ström describes what Google Search shows us about the future of product design.

Development & Engineering

  • Learn how to make your first discord bot in Adam Crivello’s guide on G2’s Learning Hub.
  • Microsoft’s Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne stress the need for more regulation for technology firms by the government on The Atlantic.
  • On GameAnalytics, Chay Hunter simplifies their 2019 mobile benchmarks report by providing the five key takeaways from the report.
  • Apptamin provides advice on whether or not you should create landscape app previews with portrait screenshots.
  • Scottie Fischer for Soomla assembled a list of tips and tricks to increase ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) for your mobile app.


  • Dive into the state of remote work in 2019 in OWL Labs’ complete guide.
  • Sophie Downes for Inc. advises organizations on how to fix their gender inequality based on the experience of the HR executive who helped close the pay gap at Salesforce.
  • Check out how to encourage employee engagement before day one in my latest article on the Fond blog.
  • For Breathe, Sarah Benstead highlights the pros and cons of using an internal recruitment system.
  • Kayla Matthews compiled seven ways to tailor your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems on G2’s Learning Hub.

Grab bag

  • Discover the 20 best TED talks to change your perspective in G2’s Bianca Pasare latest article.
  • For Vogue Business, Maghan McDowell explores the fashion industry’s choice to give chatbots a second chance for consumers.
  • Kaveh Waddell on Axios exposes to readers what your office knows about you and highlights the state of office surveillance.
  • Dive into Marc Randolph’s article that exposes the meeting between Netflix and Blockbuster in 2000 on Vanity Fair.
  • On CNet, Dale Smith describes what Google’s face data collection means and lists how you can opt out of the technology.

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